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Serverless Containers

Discover FaaS with Serverless Containers.

Are applications deployed on Serverless Containers stateless?

Yes, all applications deployed on Serverless Containers are stateless. This means the server does not store any state about the client session. Instead, the session data is stored on the client and passed to the server as needed.

How am I billed for Serverless Containers?


Serverless Containers are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, strictly on resource consumption (Memory and CPU).

  • Memory consumption: The memory consumption is obtained by multiplying the memory tiers chosen by the container runtime.
  • vCPU consumption: The vCPU consumption is obtained by multiplying the vCPU tiers chosen by the container runtime.


  • Memory consumption: €0.10 per 100k GB/s and we provide 400 000 GB/s free tier per account and per month.
  • vCPU consumption: €1.0 per 100k vCPU/s after a 200 000 vCPU/s free tier per account per month.
128 Mo0.07 vCPU€0.000000825
256 Mo0.14 vCPU€0.000001650
512 Mo0.28 vCPU€0.000003300
1024 Mo0.56 vCPU€0.000006600
2048 Mo1.12 vCPU€0.000013200


Monthly duration30 000 000 s
Amount of memory allocated128 Mo
Amount of vCPU allocated (for now automatic depending on the tier used)70 mVCPU
Free TiersYes

Price calculation

  • Memory consumption
    • Allocated Memory conversion: 128 Mo = 0.125 GB
    • Resources consumption: 30 000 000 s * 0.125 GB = 3 750 000 GB/s
    • Free Tier: 400 000 GB/s
    • Billed resources: 3 750 000 - 400 000 = 3 350 000 GB/s
    • Cost: 3 350 000 * €0.0000010 = €3,35
  • vCPU consumption
    • Allocated vCPU conversion: 70mVCPU = 0.070 vCPU
    • Resources consumption: 30 000 000 s * 0.070 vCPU = 2 100 000 vCPU/s
    • Free Tier: 200 000 GB/s
    • Billed resources: 2 100 000 - 200 000 = 1 900 000 vCPU/s
    • Cost: 1 900 000 * €0.0000100 = €19,00

Monthly Cost: €22,50

What are the limitations of Serverless Containers?

Refer to our dedicated page about Serverless Containers limitations and configuration restrictions for more information.

Can I whitelist the IPs of my containers?

Some services need to filter IPs, for example databases. Serverless Containers do not support Virtual Private Networks yet, but you can use the Scaleway IP ranges defined here.

How can I deploy my Containers?

There are several ways to deploy containers, this page should help you decide which method is right for you.

Which protocols are supported by Serverless Containers?

Serverless Containers use the http1 protocol by default, but some services (e.g., gRPC) only support http2.

Protocol switching is currently not available in the console but can be changed by using:

Why does my gRPC container not respond?

Containers use http1 by default, yet the gRPC protocol requires http2. You can upgrade the protocol to http2 (h2c).