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Write for the Community program

Reviewed on 02 October 2023Published on 24 March 2022

Join the Scaleway Write for the Community program and contribute to Scaleway Documentation. Get paid, gain notoriety and share your technical expertise.

Scaleway Documentation is an open-source project and all our content can be found in the scaleway/docs-content GitHub repository.

Why join the program?

🙆 Learn

Learn, and then share your knowledge with our community worldwide.

😎 Gain recognition

Your social media links as well as your GitHub repository will be featured on the Scaleway Documentation website.

😊 Get paid

Get paid for the content you write that we publish. You can get up to €200 of cloud credit, valid for Scaleway services during three calendar months, for each of your publications.

How to get started

  1. Browse and clone our public documentation repository on GitHub.
  2. Create a new documentation request issue to explain your idea. Include a short briefing of what you want to share in the tutorial.
    • Feel free to join our Slack #documentation channel to discuss your ideas directly with the team and our community.
    • You can also suggest documentation updates or report bugs by creating a documentation bug issue. Bug reporting is not eligible for a paid reward but we welcome it nonetheless!
  3. Our team reviews your issue and approves your request. You can then write your content and submit it to us via a pull request in our repository.

    Make sure you read our contribution guidelines and code of conduct before submitting your content.

  4. Your content is reviewed and published to the Scaleway Documentation website, and we credit your Scaleway account with your reward in the month following the publication! For this purpose, do not forget to add your Organization ID when writing your documentation request issue in step 2.

Any questions?

Where can I find your guidelines?

You can find our documentation guidelines here, in the Scaleway Documentation GitHub repository.

How can I share my idea for a tutorial?

Open a new issue in our GitHub repo, using the documentation request template. Do not forget to include your Organization ID. You can also create a PR directly in the docs-content GitHub repository, but please note that only content that has been approved via a documentation request issue is eligible for the rewards outlined below.

Do I get a reward if I participate?

Yes! If you write a tutorial that is accepted and published to our website, a discount of up to €200 will be applied to your Scaleway account.


The following conditions apply for receiving a reward:

  • You must have submitted your tutorial idea via a documentation request issue which included your Organization ID and was approved by our team.
  • You must have written the content yourself and submitted it to our GitHub repository following our contribution process.
  • Your content must have been merged and published by our team.
  • If the published content is less than 1000 characters (not including spaces and screenshots), the reward will be a €100 cloud credit applied to your Scaleway account, valid for up to three calendar months. If the published content is more than 1000 characters, the discount goes up to €200!

What can I write about?

You can write any tutorial that you think could be useful for Scaleway users. It must involve a Scaleway product, and any third-party tools the tutorial involves must be free to use and open-source. For example, you could write about how to integrate the Scaleway Database, Kubernetes or Object Storage products with third-party open-source tools in order to achieve specific goals. Check out our existing tutorials to see the kind of content we publish. If you need more inspiration, why not take a look at existing documentation requests or ask for ideas on the Community Slack?

Do I need to complete any additional paperwork after publication?

No, you’re all set!

Can I write in another language (other than English)?

No, all our content is published in English only.

Can I post my content elsewhere?

Unfortunately, no. If you submit content to us, this must be uniquely for the Scaleway Documentation website.

Scaleway considers any content as our own after we publish it and compensate you.

What if I have an idea but I do not want to write the content myself?

We’d still love to hear from you! Submit your idea or suggestion by opening a documentation request or bug issue, and specify that you do not plan to write the content yourself. You do not need to include your Organization ID, as you will not be eligible for a reward.

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