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Write for the Community program

Join the Scaleway Write for the Community program, an initiative for making our open-source Documentation a truly collaborative knowledge center.

Become a recognized expert

Share your knowledge and be featured on our Documentation.

Be rewarded for your contribution

Get up to €200 of cloud credit for each of your publications.

Become a contributor

Before creating your content, carefully read the instructions and conditions below:

  • Read our contribution guidelines and code of conduct.

  • To be rewarded with Scaleway credits, you must:

    • Submit a tutorial idea via a documentation request issue.
    • Write the content yourself and submit it following our contribution process.
    • Your content must be merged and published by our team.
  • The reward depends on the content length:

    • Between 500 and 1000 words: €100 cloud credits.
    • More than 1000 words: up to €200 cloud credits.
  • Your contribution voucher is credited directly to your Scaleway account in the month following the publication and is valid for up to three calendar months.

    You are now ready to start contributing.

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