Scaleway takes Dedibox, its BtoB dedicated server range, to new heights

Paris, February 20, 2020 – Scaleway, announced today an evolution of its historical activity: its Dedibox range of dedicated servers (previously Online) is from now on available under the new brand Scaleway Dedibox. The European IaaS/PaaS cloud provider has anticipated the server market's trend towards "hybrid" infrastructure including the cloud. Scaleway has now finalized the transformation of its historical offers under the single Scaleway brand.

Dedibox, the global standard for dedicated servers (over 100,000 machines, offered in more than 150 countries), initially carried by the brand, then by Online by Scaleway, will now be offered under the Scaleway Dedibox banner.

"We want to _maintain Dedibox user experience and service levels while gradually accompanying our customers towards a more flexible and intuitive model, already adopted by our new clients. The natural choice of cloud for new digital projects does not always fit traditional infrastructure users who continue to favor Dedibox dedicated servers, as they appreciate those for their performance, extreme reliability, level of control, security and price. At the same time, hybrid infrastructures combining dedicated servers and cloud are proving to be increasingly relevant and quick to deploy, especially for use cases such as test environments, peak load management, overflow, compute, databases and storage. This is why we decided to reinvent Dedibox, through a new approach (website, unified support and bridges between offers) to make our customers life easier and help them evolve. In summary, the best of Dedibox is combined with the advantages and innovation of Scaleway,_" explained Arnaud de Bermingham, CEO of Scaleway.

Scaleway Dedibox, always the best branded dedicated servers for professionals
Scaleway Dedibox servers continue to offer the quality and reliability that have won over thousands of users worldwide: robust and high-performing machines, 100% dedicated, delivered in a few minutes. Historic users will continue to have access to the usual four ranges of dedicated servers (Start, Pro, Core and Store), the choice of more than 100 types of machines, and all their favorite options: an included 100 GB backup by default (Dedibackup), DDoS protection, premium quality network and datacenters, and professional support with dedicated experts. Users will continue to be offered server opportunities at attractive prices.

A top-of-the-range stronghold with bridges to the Bare Metal Cloud
Scaleway Dedibox, unlike other global players, has chosen to strengthen its top-of-the-range machines. New machines will soon be added to the currently available offers. Technological innovations and service upgrades will also be regularly integrated into existing offers, especially in order to combine the advantages of dedicated servers with the Bare Metal Cloud. Since 2015 Scaleway has been the world pioneer of bare metal, which is shaping up to be the market successor to dedicated servers. Scaleway is taking special care to quickly bridge the price and feature gaps (integration of historical server functionalities into Bare Metal Cloud offers) on both sides, so that the transition to the cloud is a transparent and positive experience for all customers.

Gateways to the cloud for Increased agility
Scaleway Dedibox aims to enable as of now the deployment of hybrid architectures combining servers and public cloud proposed by Scaleway Elements (for example, via the load balancer or object storage). Soon a next-generation private network (currently being finalized on the cloud side) will also be extended to interconnect Dedibox servers to cloud instances in complete security.

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