Scaleway’s Public Cloud is now available in its new Eastern European region in Warsaw

Scaleway, the fast-growing European public cloud provider expands its European presence with a new region in Warsaw Poland (WAW1). This new Cloud region in a highly secured Polish data center will meet the growing demands of the Eastern European market. With its reliable, innovative, multi-cloud and affordable Public Cloud solutions, Scaleway comes to the Polish market before the other dominant cloud players and targets both local users, and worldwide companies willing to deploy in Central and Eastern Europe. Scaleway’s European presence is already confirmed by five data centers in two regions (Paris and Amsterdam), WAW1 is an important milestone in their global expansion.

An answer to the multi-cloud strategy in fast-evolving ecosystems
With customers in over 160 countries, many in Eastern Europe, Scaleway is now closer to its customers base (companies) and main users (developers).
Indeed, many customers are requesting services which are closer to their end-users. The proximity of digital resources to the key markets of a business, as well as the scope for going to new markets has become a major factor in the success of a project. It’s a mostly a question of reducing latency and data location consideration.
Providing services in this new region is also a solution for companies that are increasingly concerned by building multi-provider cloud strategies.
“The decision to open a new region in Warsaw will have a positive impact on the surrounding area and its technical ecosystem. Warsaw has become a hub for technical services. This central location was first and foremost chosen for its network advantages, and undeniably offers optimal latency when connecting Eastern, Western and Northern Europe. Thus, Warsaw allows us to better serve our customers not only in Poland, but also in the Czech Republic, Romania, Eastern Germany, and in the Balkans, as well as in Scandinavia, Russia and Ukraine” explains Yann Lechelle, Scaleway’s CEO. “Moreover, the regional startup ecosystem is at the forefront of the European technical scene. These cloud-native businesses place increasing emphasis on the need for efficient, affordable and European digital resources to get out of vendor lock-in and thereby optimize their expenses. Vendor lock-in risk has become a decisive factor in the cloud strategy of many companies. Our offering is fully relevant in this context: our set of powerful, cost-effective and European products allow customers to achieve greater resilience and improved performance”, he adds.

A ready-to-scale cloud region to improve high availability
Scaleway WAW1 offers a high bandwidth capacity. The internal network is based on Scaleway’s innovative “IP Fabric” which guarantees high resilience and the availability of multi services simultaneously.

Starting with its virtual Instances and Object Storage ranges, Scaleway aims to provide all of its core standard Public Cloud services such as Load Balancers, Managed database, Block Storage, and Kubernetes Kapsule in WAW1 in the forthcoming weeks.

Customers can choose the best region from which to deploy cloud resources through their user interface / API and even build multi-region and high availability environments and applications.
In the future, a VPC solution (currently under development) will enable interconnection between Scaleway’s services anywhere in the world in an isolated manner, with a global perimeter.
With the opening of the Warsaw region, Scaleway reinforces its international ambition and confirms its commitment to delivering the cloud that makes sense.

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