Scaleway introduces PLAY2 Instances, the perfect sandbox environment

  • Ideal for staging and testing code prior to production, PLAY2 Instances complete Scaleway’s new high-end Instances range
  • Designed with new AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series processors
  • Scaleway’s signature price/performance ratio, at a 40% lower infrastructure cost than AWS, GCP, or Azure

Paris, September 6, 2022 - Scaleway, the cloud of choice, today launches PLAY2 Instances, which allow developers to test, develop and accelerate their CI/CD processes. The ideal environment for staging and testing before production — notably on the new PRO2 Instances, launched early July — PLAY2 offers multiple specifications to meet a variety of testing needs and use cases, within Europe’s most complete cloud ecosystem.

PLAY2 Instances:

  • Allow developers to start testing applications, and then seamlessly migrate to higher- powered Scaleway production Instances
  • Start from 1vCPU with 2GB RAM per vCPU, providing reliable performance for development and testing scenarios
  • Are fully compatible with Scaleway ecosystem products (Object Storage, Private Networks, VPC, Managed Databases, Managed Kubernetes and more)

The launch of the new Instance ranges — completed by the launch of PLAY2 — marks an important step in Scaleway's European development and our offering expansion. Instances are the backbone of the infrastructure and services development, and with this new range we enable our customers to not only use the latest high performance processors, but we offer a complete Instance range to build scalable and reliable services. Audrey Pedro, Scaleway, Chief Product Officer.

PLAY2 Instances: the best way to start developing responsibly, and affordably

Compared with equivalent Instances, PLAY2 Instances allow users to benefit from the same high-performance hardware at a 40% lower infrastructure cost than AWS, GCP, or Azure.

With Scaleway’s new Instances range, developers can start developing and testing on PLAY2 Instances and can push applications into production on PRO2 or ENT1 Instances to build a whole CI/CD pipeline with VPC, Load Balancer, Managed Kubernetes, Object Storage, and more.

PLAY2 technical specifications and features:

  • Processor: 1 to 4 vCPUs
  • Processor type: new AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series
  • Memory: 2 to 8GB RAM
  • Memory type: DDR4 ECC
  • Storage: SSD Block Storage on demand
  • Bandwidth: From 100 to 400Mbps
  • Availability zones: currently available in PAR-2 and WAW-1, PLAY2 will soon be available in all Scaleway AZs (except PAR-3)
  • Solid features for security and reliability: security groups, VPC features with Private Networks and Public Gateway, snapshots with point-in-time recovery
  • PLAY2 Instances are perfectly suited to container architecture and workflows
  • Pricing: from €0.014/hour, before tax

To get started with PLAY2 Instances, visit

About Scaleway
Founded in 1999, Scaleway, the cloud of choice, helps developers and businesses to build, deploy and scale applications to any infrastructure. Located in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw, Scaleway’s complete cloud ecosystem is used by 25,000+ businesses, including European startups, who choose Scaleway for its multi-AZ redundancy, smooth developer experience, carbon-neutral data centers and native tools for managing multi-cloud architectures. With fully managed offerings for bare metal, containerization and serverless architectures, Scaleway brings choice to the world of cloud computing, offering customers the ability to choose where their customer’s data resides, to choose what architecture works best for their business, and to choose a more responsible way to scale.

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