Elastic Metal unlocks the first accessible hybrid cloud

With the release of Elastic Metal, Scaleway is once again paving the way for the future of bare metal servers – for the first time, bare metal architectures will be able to combine the stable performance of dedicated servers, the flexibility of on-demand infrastructure, and the elasticity of a complete cloud ecosystem

Paris, January 18, 2022 – Scaleway, the European bare metal pioneer and multi-cloud service provider, continues to shake up the cloud market and the bare metal world and today brings the best of both together with the release of Elastic Metal.

This unique solution is the missing link on the market between the traditional dedicated servers and the cloud ecosystem. Elastic Metal combines the best of both worlds, offering increased performance with new ranges of fully dedicated servers, flexibility thanks to hourly and monthly billing options, no termination notice, and full compatibility with Scaleway’s entire cloud ecosystem.

The past decade forced upon us a new paradigm with elastic computing, as the only evolution possible for cloud computing. “On-premise or in the cloud” evolved into “serverless or containers”, “PaaS or IaaS”, “Bare Metal or public cloud.” While most cloud providers force customers to choose just one architecture, Scaleway provides choice to customers by not forcing them into one model. With Elastic Metal, Scaleway customers can take the first step to a true multi-cloud strategy by implementing a hybrid cloud that mixes dedicated servers and a virtualized public cloud.

The future of Bare Metal
“For years, traditional bare metal servers and the modern public cloud ecosystem have co-existed separately. Scaleway, twice a pioneer of this computing resource, reinvents it again; Elastic Metal is the future of dedicated servers, available today.” said Yann Lechelle, CEO, Scaleway.

Elastic Metal offers fully dedicated servers with all the advantages associated with them: stable and native performances, without hypervisor overhead. A wide selection of OS will be available to install, including various Linux distributions, Windows Server and virtualization solutions. Deployed inside Scaleway’s innovative and efficient data centers, Elastic Metal benefits from the company’s over 20 years of experience, and 24/7 technical assistance.

All Elastic Metal servers are offered in either a flexible hourly billing or an advantageous monthly subscription plan, to allow companies to adapt and scale their workload seamlessly from long term core servers and stateful applications, to short term orchestrated peak management.

Elastic Metal servers are made to interact perfectly with Scaleway’s complete ecosystem of products and services. Elastic Metal can connect to all Scaleway products, including Instances, Databases and Load Balancers, Kubernetes Kapsule and Kubernetes Kosmos, using the same private network (VPC) to build and scale a secure and complex infrastructure.

Scaleway also provides tools on the developer portal such as the Scaleway CLI, Python SDK or Go in order to facilitate infrastructure creation and automation, including cloud-init and Terraform support.

The Elastic Metal offer is currently available in three ranges:
ALUMINIUM: Fully dedicated bare metal servers with cloud flexibility and unbeatable market pricing
Use cases: Test environments, web hosting, game servers
Specifications: AMD Ryzen or Intel® Xeon, from 8GB to 64GB RAM, 1TB SATA or 2x1TB SSD
Price range: €39.99/month (€0,111/hour) to €49.99/month (€0.139/hour) depending on the server configuration

BERYLLIUM: Powerful and reliable dedicated servers for production-grade applications
Use cases: Web infrastructure (Apache, Nginx, LB), virtualization, production applications
Specifications: Intel® Xeon (dual socket), from 192GB to 256GB RAM, with SSD (2x1TB) or SATA (2x8TB up to 2x10TB).
Price range: €89.99/month (€0.250/hour) to €129.99/month (€0.361/hour)

LITHIUM: Bare metal servers with outsized local storage to keep, backup and protect data
Use cases: Storage cluster, backup (and archiving), file server
Specifications: Intel® Xeon, 96GB RAM, 4x12TB SATA
Price: €119.99/month (€0.333/hour)

The servers will be deployed progressively in all regions, including Warsaw and Amsterdam, starting with Scaleway’s French availability zone fr-par-2. Additional references are already being prepared, and will be added later this year.

Elastic Metal is a complete revamping of the dedicated server concept. Dedibox will remain available for existing customers. This offer is perfect for performance conscious cloud architects looking to blend dedicated resources with cloud native architectures, helping keep costs down, and improving their own operating margins. With Elastic Metal, cloud architects and decision makers are no longer locked into a single operating model.

Learn more about Elastic Metal: http://scaleway.com/en/elastic-metal

Contact: Laura Calmore, VP Corporate Communications & Media Relations laura@scaleway.com; press@scaleway.com

About Scaleway
Scaleway, leading multi-cloud service provider for startups and cloud native projects is catering to the global market with the essential mix of cloud computing resources that is flexible, cost effective, reliable, secure and sustainably powered. Scaleway is one of the few European providers to have full ownership over its stack, with no dependence on three levels: data center design and operation, hardware and software infrastructure, IaaS and PaaS. Scaleway has a daring approach that challenges the status quo, its ecosystem is designed to leverage market standards to make things simpler: S3 compatibility, a rolling up-to-date Kubernetes and Terraform support. Scaleway is constantly growing around the world, and currently serves hundreds of thousands of clients in over 160 countries. Scaleway’s services are deployed via six data centers located in three regions: Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Warsaw (Poland).
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