IAM, the simplest way to manage user access to your cloud structure

07/12/22, Paris, France

Scaleway today announces the launch of IAM, the simplest way to manage user access to your cloud structure.

Short for “Identity and Access Management”, this solution radically simplifies control over who can access what in a cloud infrastructure, thereby making it more secure than ever.

IAM managers can define a list of rules giving read-only, full, or no access to a group of users on selected products. These policies can also be applied to non-human users, such as applications.

A mandatory feature for many companies, IAM is the most highly-anticipated Scaleway functionality today, according to current users. By launching IAM, Scaleway becomes the 1st European cloud provider to integrate such a product, thereby confirming its position as a sovereign cloud leader.

“Having a European cloud service provider integrating IAM is such a big step! Before IAM, only our infrastructure teams had access to our Scaleway organization. With IAM, all our technical teams have the possibility to get restricted access based on their needs. They are more autonomous, which reduces bottlenecks and accelerates project delivery. Collaboration is more fluid, and productivity is boosted” - Cédric Mourizard, Head of Engineering, Synolia

Find out more: https://www.scaleway.com/en/iam/

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