Scaleway announces the availability of ARM Instances for AI Inference with Ampere Altra Chip

PARIS, November 17, 2023 — In a major announcement at the ai-PULSE conference, Scaleway and Ampere® Computing announce the availability of brand new ARM Instances, a product of their steadfast collaboration and commitment to driving innovation in the cloud computing space.

This collaboration integrates Scaleway's commitment to innovation with Ampere's Cloud Native Processors, presenting businesses with an unparalleled level of efficiency, performance, and sustainability in the dynamic realm of AI computing.

Ampere's Cloud Native Processors: Reshaping the Future of Cloud Technology
At the core of this collaboration lies the Ampere® Altra® processor, a power-efficient and high-performance alternative to traditional x86 processors. Designed to excel in AI inference applications, these processors provide a cost-effective solution for AI inference alongside GPUs. By leveraging the capabilities of Ampere processors, Scaleway empowers businesses to optimize their cloud workloads with remarkable efficiency, delivering results at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions.

Real-time AI Inference Made Easy
Scaleway introduces instances with the ARM-based Ampere® Altra® processor, unlocking the potential of real-time AI. Whether implementing chatbots, real-time analytics, or video content analysis, these instances offer lightning-fast inference capabilities. ARM ensures swift and efficient predictions without compromising budget constraints.

Sustainable High-Performance Computing
Our ARM instances are meticulously crafted for energy optimization, allowing users to address computational tasks with a focus on eco-efficiency. Ideal for research simulations or financial modeling, for example, ARM instances minimize environmental impact without sacrificing the computational power essential for demanding High-Performance Computing workloads.

"This collaboration with Ampere represents a significant leap in cloud technology," said Damien Lucas, CEO at Scaleway. "With Ampere® Altra® Processors, we are extending our Instances range and offering businesses a powerful and eco-efficient alternative. Enabling them to achieve high-performance results in the most sustainable way possible."

“The power and cost inefficiency of AI deployments today continues to be a major barrier to unlocking AI at scale,” said Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer at Ampere. “With these new Ampere instances, we can provide more AI inference performance for Scaleway customers while delivering unmatched energy efficiency and cost savings.”

Ampere Computing: Sponsors of ai-PULSE Event
Ampere Computing proudly sponsors the ai-PULSE event, further solidifying their commitment to advancing the possibilities of cloud computing. This sponsorship underscores their dedication to fostering collaboration and innovation within the AI ecosystem in Europe.

About Scaleway:
Founded in 1999, Scaleway is a Cloud Provider that supports the development, training, deployment, and scaling of infrastructure in a complete Cloud ecosystem. Allowing European organizations to train, test, develop, and host in a resilient environment with access to more than +50 cloud services.
Located in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw, Scaleway’s Cloud portfolio is used by 25,000+ businesses, who choose Scaleway for its multi-AZ redundancy, and native secured user management and security services.
With fully managed services from Dedicated servers, Bare Metal, Computing, Containers and Serverless, Scaleway provides flexibility in Cloud infrastructures. Offering customers the ability to choose where their customer’s data resides, to choose what architecture works best for their business, and to choose a more responsible way to scale.
Scaleway is the Cloud provider that enables AI innovation in Europe.

About Ampere:
Ampere is a modern semiconductor company designing the future of cloud computing with the world's first Cloud Native Processors. Built for the sustainable Cloud with the highest performance and best performance per watt, Ampere processors accelerate the delivery of all cloud computing applications. Ampere Cloud Native Processors provide industry-leading cloud performance, power efficiency and scalability. For more information visit Ampere Computing.

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