Scaleway raises the bar for infrastructure resilience by launching Multi-AZ Object Storage

With the General Availability of Object Storage in Multi-AZ configuration, Scaleway takes data redundancy, resiliency and scaling to the next level.

  • The Multi-AZ configuration for ultimate data center resiliency becomes the standard for Object Storage within the European Multi-AZ region, fr-par
  • Data storage is highly resilient to potential AZ loss due to rare accidents or disasters such as a fiber cut, power outages, network failures, fires, floods and earthquakes
  • Scaleway Object Storage now supports up to 10 billion objects and hundreds of petabytes per bucket with never-seen-before performances

Paris, January 27, 2022 – Scaleway, the multi-cloud service provider for startups and cloud-native projects, releases Object Storage in a fully redundant, Multi-AZ, configuration. Meeting organizations’ need to protect their data from physical incidents that can impact business continuity or even make full data recovery impossible, Object Storage Multi AZ enhances and strengthens data resilience under three independent and geographically separate Availability Zones (AZ) within the company’s fr-par region.

Following the launch of the first European full Region with the announcement of its Nuclear Shelter AZ in Paris, fr-par-3 at the end of 2021, one of Scaleway’s most important PaaS products, Object Storage, evolves today into a Multi-AZ resilient solution, designed for high redundancy, true resilience and flawless data durability.
Based on an architecture that manages data as objects (unlike file systems which manage data as a file hierarchy, or Block Storage which manages data as blocks within sectors and tracks), Object Storage offers lightning fast access to data and is highly scalable. The solution makes files available in milliseconds, thanks to a revolutionary new software architecture built in-house, and a mix of high-end storage devices located in three different data centers including Scaleway’s Nuclear Shelter AZ, fr-par-3.

This revolutionary new software and infrastructure supports up to 10 billion objects and hundreds of petabytes per bucket, as well as up to 200Gbit/s of output traffic, with the promise of a 9’nine durability, the choice of any service class per object, lifecycle support, bucket versioning, object lock and many other key features.

“Data centers and data storage solutions provide mission-critical infrastructure, meaning that the slightest weakness can have disastrous consequences that directly impact organizations and their clients. By meeting the market’s most demanding requirements, Scaleway is proud to release the first European Multi-AZ Object Storage that is fully redundant, to improve resilience and ensure our clients’ business continuity,” said Yann Lechelle, CEO, Scaleway.

Most advanced and sophisticated sovereign S3-compatible object storage solution on the market to offer ultimate Multi-AZ resilience
Scaleway is the first European cloud provider to offer data resiliency across three independent Availability Zones within the same region. Until now, this option was only available with dominant players who do not adhere to European values, such as cloud sovereignty and choice.
Scaleway believes that it has the most advanced and sophisticated, sovereign, natively S3-compatible object storage solution on the market, for a fraction of the price of the dominant players, and is already trusted as a primary storage provider by thousands of mission-critical customers worldwide.

Scaleway-made Object Storage technical stack:
Thanks to the unique expertise of its R&D, and over 20 years of experience with distributed systems, Scaleway is one of the last independent and only European players to deliver a fully in-house built, and end-to-end owned technical stack. This results in a scalable, sovereign, resilient and high-performance solution for the company’s clients starting from the server and data center level, all the way up to the software stack.

Reinforced data security protocol to ensure the integrity of objects

Via an implementation of Erasure Code 6 + 3, Scaleway ensures data integrity and availability, making data storage resilient to server failure. With this erasure coding scheme, each object is split into six fragments, with three additional parity fragments added to guarantee data integrity. With its highly-redundant Multi-AZ Object Storage, Scaleway brings the ultimate resilience to data with resilience at the AZ level. Data is stored in Multi-AZ infrastructure which splits data across three independent Availability Zones (AZ) and protects data loss due to accidents or disasters. In the rare case an AZ is completely lost due to an accident such as a fiber cut, power outage, network failure, or disasters like fire, flood or earthquake, the data can still be rebuilt and remains available.

This new highly resilient standard is offered for a fraction of the price of the dominant players, at only €0.013/GB/month

To go further to meet customers’ needs, Scaleway has created a new storage class, One Zone – IA (Infrequent Access), designed for data that does not need to be frequently accessed, like secondary backup copies and easily recreatable data. With this class, customers still have the option of storing data in a single AZ, and therefore at a lower cost. One Zone – IA can also be integrated into users’ lifecycle management rules, together with Standard and Glacier class, for €0.01/GB/month.

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