Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) Object Storage

This Service Level Agreement defines the different service level objectives that Scaleway undertakes to comply with in the context of the Covered Service, as well as their scope of application.


“Covered Service”: means the Object Storage service provided by Scaleway.

“Resources”: means the objects and buckets of a specific Project and Region created in the context of the Covered Service where the Client stores and manages their data.

“Project”: means an organizational unit that allows the Client to group and manage their Resources. It provides features for access control, monitoring, billing, deployment, and integration with other services, making it easier to organize, deploy, and manage related Resources.

“Region”: means the region selected by the Client when creating the buckets in which its data are stored as part of the Covered Service and resulting in dedicated invoice lines for each Project on Scaleway monthly bill.

“Maintenance Window'': means a period of time during which Scaleway performs maintenance activities on the infrastructure (physical, network or software) upon which the Covered Service is based.

“Valid Request'': means any request submitted in accordance with the instructions described in the Documentation provided by Scaleway, and that would normally result in a non-error response.

“Error rate'' or “ER'' : means the error rate calculated for a specific Region of a defined Project and determined by the following formula:

ER = (eVR/tVR)*100


  • eVR: number of Valid Requests that result in a response with an HTTP error status equal to 500 or 503;
  • tVR: total number of Valid Requests during the applicable period.

It being specified that:

  • Repeated identical requests shall not count towards the Error Rate unless they have been submitted in accordance with the Mitigation Rule;
  • Any request that occurs during a Maintenance Window shall in no circumstances be considered into Error rate calculation.

“Mitigation Rule'': means the rule under which, in the event of an error, the Client shall wait for a period of time before submitting another request in order to prevent any additional errors from occurring. This mitigation period shall exponentially increase for each consecutive error occurring after a first error, from a minimum period of 1 second up to a maximum period of 32 seconds.

“Monthly Availability Rate'' or “MAR'': means the availability rate of the Resources for a given calendar month, determined by subtracting from one hundred percent (100%) the average of Error Rates measured over each five (5) minutes period occurring during the calendar month, as described by the following formula:
It being specified that:

  • Er: Error rate for an interval of five (5) minutes in the month;
  • Er1: Error rate for the first interval of five (5) minutes in the month;
  • Ern: Error rate for the last interval of five (5) minutes in the month;
  • n: number of intervals of five (5) minutes in the month.

Service Level Objectives “SLO”

Scaleway undertakes to comply with the following Service Level Objectives:

Configuration TypeMonthly Availability Rate
Multi-AZ Standard storage class99.9%
One-zone IA storage class99.0%
Glacier storage class99.0%

The SLO described hereinabove shall in no circumstances apply to any components under Client's control, such as, but not limited to, any software and/or applications installed and used by the Client in connection with the Services.


In the event Scaleway does not comply with the SLO described hereinabove during a given calendar month, the Client is entitled to request a compensation, it being specified that (i) the Client shall have paid all invoices issued by and due to Scaleway in connection with the Services, (ii) the Client shall have notified Scaleway the non-respect of the SLO within the specified time limit; and (iii) the Client shall cooperate in good faith with Scaleway to resolve the issue, and in particular:

  • by remaining available during the entire period necessary for resolving the issue encountered;
  • by providing all the information reasonably available to the Client regarding the issue encountered;
  • by carrying out any verification that may reasonably be necessary to resolve the issue encountered.

It is expressly agreed that the compensation granted by Scaleway constitutes an all-inclusive payment for all damages resulting from Scaleway’s failure to comply with the SLO and that the Client expressly waives its right to any other claim, complaint or action.

The compensation shall take the form of a voucher which shall be applied by Scaleway on the invoice issued for the Covered Service, following the month during which the Client’s request was issued.

The amount of the compensation granted by Scaleway is determined according to the following table and corresponds to a percentage of the monthly amount invoiced to the Client for the Resources that did not comply with the SLO during a given month. The Client acknowledges that this compensation cannot under any circumstances be reimbursed in cash.

Monthly Availability Rate (“MAR”)Compensation
Standard Multi-AZ storage classOne-zone IA storage class and Glacier storage classPercentage of the monthly amount invoiced to the Client for the specific Region and Project of the storage class that did not comply with the SLO
99.0% < MAR < 99.9%98.0% < MAR < 99.0%10%
95.0% < MAR < 99.0%95.0% < MAR < 98.0%25%
MAR < 95.0%MAR < 95.0%50%

Request for compensation

Client’s request for compensation must be issued no later than thirty (30) days following the month during which the applicable Resources did not comply with the SLO. Failing that, no compensation can be claimed by the Client with respect to such breach of the SLO.

In addition to its request, the Client must provide its log files and indicate to Scaleway the Project, the Region and the storage class concerned as well as the date and time at which they have been impacted. Client’s failure to comply with these requirements may result in the withdrawal of its right to compensation. In the event of a dispute regarding this SLA, Scaleway will take a decision in good faith based on the information provided by the Client as well as its own system logs, monitoring reports, configuration records and any other available information.

Maximum compensation

The amount of the compensation granted by Scaleway over the course of a given calendar month shall under no circumstances exceed fifty percent (50%) of the monthly amount invoiced to the Client in the context of the Covered Service for all the Resources that failed to comply with the SLO during the course of such month.


No compensation shall be granted to the Client if the failure to comply with the SLO is due to any of the following reasons:

  • Force Majeure events;
  • Act of a third party;
  • Client’s fault or wrongful acts;
  • Failure of the Client to fulfill its contractual obligations;
  • Unavailability of the Services occurring during a Maintenance Window;
  • Misuse (or non-conforming use) of the Services by the Client;
  • Suspension of the Services pursuant to the General Terms of Services or the applicable Specific Conditions;
  • Internet connection issues;
  • Failure of the Client to cooperate in good faith with Scaleway to restore the availability of the Resources;
  • Services or functionalities in Beta test phase or which have not been made available in a “General Availability” phase;
  • Services or functionalities for which there are no SLO explicitly described in the SLA.

Applicable from March 1st, 2024
Last modified: 02/19/2024