Virtual Instances Tarifs

Découvrez l'intégration fluide de diverses instances virtuelles au sein de l'écosystème cloud complet de Scaleway, méticuleusement conçu pour offrir une valeur inégalée en termes de rapport qualité-prix. Avec une mise en service en quelques secondes seulement !


Essential Compute resource with shared vCPU for basic workloads, personal projects and small apps. Limited availability without a fixed SLA.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
Stardust1-s1 vCPU1 GBBlock or Local Storage100 Mbps€0.0046/hour ~€3.35/month

Cost-Optimized - PLAY2/PRO2

Essential Compute resource with shared vCPU for basic workloads, personal projects and small apps. Limited availability without a fixed SLA.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
PLAY2-PICO12 GBBlock Storage100 Mbps€0.014 /hour~€10 /month
PLAY2-NANO24 GBBlock Storage200 Mbps€0.027 /hour~€19 /month
PLAY2-MICRO48 GBBlock Storage400 Mbps€0.054 /hour~€39 /month
PRO2-XXS28 GBBlock Storage350 Mbps€0.055 /hour~€40 /month
PRO2-XS416 GBBlock Storage700 Mbps€0.11 /hour~€80 /month
PRO2-S832 GBBlock Storage1.5 Gbps€0.219 /hour~€159 /month
PRO2-M1664 GBBlock Storage3 Gbps€0.438 /hour~€319 /month
PRO2-L32128 GBBlock Storage6 Gbps€0.877 /hour~€640 /month

Cost-Optimized - DEV1/GP1

The first generation of Cost-optimized instances, designed to scale development and testing production Instances at a minimal cost. Built on AMD EPYC™ 7281 processors (or equivalent), and offering either resilient Block Storage or a local storage option.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
DEV1-S2 vCPUs2 GBBlock or Local Storage200 Mbps€0.0088/hour€6/month
DEV1-M3 vCPUs4 GBBlock or Local Storage300 Mbps€0.0198/hour€14/month
DEV1-L4 vCPUs8 GBBlock or Local Storage400 Mbps€0.042/hour€30/month
DEV1-XL4 vCPUs12 GBBlock or Local Storage500 Mbps€0.0638/hour€46/month
GP1-XS4 vCPUs16 GBBlock or Local Storage500 Mbps€0.091/hour€66/month
GP1-S8 vCPUs32 GBBlock or Local Storage800 Mbps€0.187/hour€136/month
GP1-M16 vCPUs64 GBBlock or Local Storage1.5 Gbps€0.376/hour€274/month
GP1-L32 vCPUs128 GBBlock or Local Storage5 Gbps€0.759/hour€554/month
GP1-XL48 vCPUs256 GBBlock or Local Storage10 Gbps€1.641/hour€1197/month

Cost-Optimized - ARM Based

Propel AI innovation with Scaleway's ARM Instances, powered by Ampere Altra: data center-grade efficiency meets cost-effectiveness and optimized performance.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
COPARM1-2C-8G28Block Storage200€0.0426/hour€31/month
COPARM1-4C-16G416Block Storage400€0.0857/hour€62/month
COPARM1-8C-32G832Block Storage800€0.1724/hour€125/month
COPARM1-16C-64G1664Block Storage1600€0.3454/hour€251/month
COPARM1-32C-128G32128Block Storage3200€0.6935/hour€506/month

Production-Optimized - POP2

Next-generation production optimized instances with dedicated vCPU and improved performance management, tailored for demanding workloads and enhanced scalability.

NamevCPUsRAMRatioBandwidthDisksPriceApprox. per month
POP2-2C-8G2 vCPUs8 GB1/4400 MbpsBlock Storage€0.074/hour€54/month
POP2-4C-16G4 vCPUs16 GB1/4800 MbpsBlock Storage€0.147/hour€107/month
POP2-8C-32G8 vCPUs32 GB1/41.6 GbpsBlock Storage€0.29/hour€211/month
POP2-16C-64G16 vCPUs64 GB1/43.2 GbpsBlock Storage€0.59/hour€430/month
POP2-32C-128G32 vCPUs128 GB1/46.4 GbpsBlock Storage€1.18/hour€861/month
POP2-64C-256G64 vCPUs256 GB1/412.8 GbpsBlock Storage€2.35/hour€1715/month

Production-Optimized - ENT1

High-performance and reliable instances with dedicated vCPU for production workloads and business-critical apps.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
ENT1-XXS28 GBBlock StorageUp to 400 Mbps€0.074/hour€54/month
ENT1-XS416 GBBlock StorageUp to 800 Mbps€0.147/hour€107/month
ENT1-S832 GBBlock StorageUp to 1.6 Gbps€0.29/hour€211/month
ENT1-M1664 GBBlock StorageUp to 3.2 Gbps€0.59/hour€430/month
ENT1-L32128 GBBlock StorageUp to 6.4 Gbps€1.18/hour€861/month
ENT1-XL64256 GBBlock StorageUp to 12.8 Gbps€2.35/hour€1715/month
ENT1-2XL96384 GBBlock StorageUp to 20 Gbps€3.53/hour€2445/month

Workload-Optimized - POP2HC

Unlock unrivaled computing power and reliability with POP2HC - purpose-built instances featuring dedicated vCPUs for high-performance production workloads and mission-critical applications.

NamevCPUsRAMRatioBandwidthDisksPriceApprox. per month
POP2-HC-2C-4G2 vCPUs4 GB1/2400 MbpsBlock Storage€0.05/hour€38/month
POP2-HC-4C-8G4 vCPUs8 GB1/2800 MbpsBlock Storage€0.11/hour€77/month
POP2-HC-8C-16G8 vCPUs16 GB1/21.6 GbpsBlock Storage€0.21/hour€155/month
POP2-HC-16C-32G16 vCPUs32 GB1/23.2 GbpsBlock Storage€0.43/hour€310/month
POP2-HC-32C-64G32 vCPUs64 GB1/26.4 GbpsBlock Storage€0.85/hour€621/month
POP2-HC-64C-128G64 vCPUs128 GB1/212.8 GbpsBlock Storage€1.70/hour€1242/month

Workload-Optimized - POP2HM

High-memory and powerful instances with dedicated vCPU, designed for memory-intensive workloads and data-intensive applications.

NamevCPUsRAMRatioBandwidthDisksPriceApprox. per month
POP2-HM-2C-16G2 vCPUs16 GB1/8400 MbpsBlock Storage€0.10/hour€75/month
POP2-HM-4C-32G4 vCPUs32 GB1/8800 MbpsBlock Storage€0.21/hour€150/month
POP2-HM-8C-64G8 vCPUs64 GB1/81.6 GbpsBlock Storage€0.41/hour€300/month
POP2-HM-16C-128G16 vCPUs128 GB1/83.2 GbpsBlock Storage€0.82/hour€600/month
POP2-HM-32C-256G32 vCPUs256 GB1/86.4 GbpsBlock Storage€1.65/hour€1203/month
POP2-HM-64C-512G64 vCPUs512 GB1/812.8 GbpsBlock Storage€3.30/hour€2406/month