Virtual Instances Pricing

Experience the seamless integration of various virtual instances within Scaleway’s comprehensive cloud ecosystem, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled price-to-performance value. With provisioning in mere seconds, our Virtual Instances lineup is tailored to accommodate your every workload requirement effortlessly.


Essential Compute resource with shared vCPU for basic workloads, personal projects and small apps. Limited availability without a fixed SLA.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
Stardust1-s1 vCPU1 GBBlock or Local Storage100 Mbps€0.0046/hour ~€3.35/month

Cost-Optimized - PLAY2/PRO2

Essential Compute resource with shared vCPU for basic workloads, personal projects and small apps. Limited availability without a fixed SLA.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
PLAY2-PICO12 GBBlock Storage100 Mbps€0.014 /hour~€10 /month
PLAY2-NANO24 GBBlock Storage200 Mbps€0.027 /hour~€19 /month
PLAY2-MICRO48 GBBlock Storage400 Mbps€0.054 /hour~€39 /month
PRO2-XXS28 GBBlock Storage350 Mbps€0.055 /hour~€40 /month
PRO2-XS416 GBBlock Storage700 Mbps€0.11 /hour~€80 /month
PRO2-S832 GBBlock Storage1.5 Gbps€0.219 /hour~€159 /month
PRO2-M1664 GBBlock Storage3 Gbps€0.438 /hour~€319 /month
PRO2-L32128 GBBlock Storage6 Gbps€0.877 /hour~€640 /month

Cost-Optimized - DEV1/GP1

The first generation of Cost-optimized instances, designed to scale development and testing production Instances at a minimal cost. Built on AMD EPYC™ 7281 processors (or equivalent), and offering either resilient Block Storage or a local storage option.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
DEV1-S2 vCPUs2 GBBlock or Local Storage200 Mbps€0.0088/hour€6/month
DEV1-M3 vCPUs4 GBBlock or Local Storage300 Mbps€0.0198/hour€14/month
DEV1-L4 vCPUs8 GBBlock or Local Storage400 Mbps€0.042/hour€30/month
DEV1-XL4 vCPUs12 GBBlock or Local Storage500 Mbps€0.0638/hour€46/month
GP1-XS4 vCPUs16 GBBlock or Local Storage500 Mbps€0.091/hour€66/month
GP1-S8 vCPUs32 GBBlock or Local Storage800 Mbps€0.187/hour€136/month
GP1-M16 vCPUs64 GBBlock or Local Storage1.5 Gbps€0.376/hour€274/month
GP1-L32 vCPUs128 GBBlock or Local Storage5 Gbps€0.759/hour€554/month
GP1-XL48 vCPUs256 GBBlock or Local Storage10 Gbps€1.641/hour€1197/month

Cost-Optimized - ARM Based

Propel AI innovation with Scaleway's ARM Instances, powered by Ampere Altra: data center-grade efficiency meets cost-effectiveness and optimized performance.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
COPARM1-2C-8G28Block Storage200€0.0426/hour€31/month
COPARM1-4C-16G416Block Storage400€0.0857/hour€62/month
COPARM1-8C-32G832Block Storage800€0.1724/hour€125/month
COPARM1-16C-64G1664Block Storage1600€0.3454/hour€251/month
COPARM1-32C-128G32128Block Storage3200€0.6935/hour€506/month

Production-Optimized - POP2

Next-generation production optimized instances with dedicated vCPU and improved performance management, tailored for demanding workloads and enhanced scalability.

NamevCPUsRAMRatioBandwidthDisksPriceApprox. per month
POP2-2C-8G2 vCPUs8 GB1/4400 MbpsBlock Storage€0.074/hour€54/month
POP2-4C-16G4 vCPUs16 GB1/4800 MbpsBlock Storage€0.147/hour€107/month
POP2-8C-32G8 vCPUs32 GB1/41.6 GbpsBlock Storage€0.29/hour€211/month
POP2-16C-64G16 vCPUs64 GB1/43.2 GbpsBlock Storage€0.59/hour€430/month
POP2-32C-128G32 vCPUs128 GB1/46.4 GbpsBlock Storage€1.18/hour€861/month
POP2-64C-256G64 vCPUs256 GB1/412.8 GbpsBlock Storage€2.35/hour€1715/month

Production-Optimized - ENT1

High-performance and reliable instances with dedicated vCPU for production workloads and business-critical apps.

NamevCPUsRAMDisksBandwidthPriceApprox. per month
ENT1-XXS28 GBBlock StorageUp to 400 Mbps€0.074/hour€54/month
ENT1-XS416 GBBlock StorageUp to 800 Mbps€0.147/hour€107/month
ENT1-S832 GBBlock StorageUp to 1.6 Gbps€0.29/hour€211/month
ENT1-M1664 GBBlock StorageUp to 3.2 Gbps€0.59/hour€430/month
ENT1-L32128 GBBlock StorageUp to 6.4 Gbps€1.18/hour€861/month
ENT1-XL64256 GBBlock StorageUp to 12.8 Gbps€2.35/hour€1715/month
ENT1-2XL96384 GBBlock StorageUp to 20 Gbps€3.53/hour€2445/month

Workload-Optimized - POP2HC

Unlock unrivaled computing power and reliability with POP2HC - purpose-built instances featuring dedicated vCPUs for high-performance production workloads and mission-critical applications.

NamevCPUsRAMRatioBandwidthDisksPriceApprox. per month
POP2-HC-2C-4G2 vCPUs4 GB1/2400 MbpsBlock Storage€0.05/hour€38/month
POP2-HC-4C-8G4 vCPUs8 GB1/2800 MbpsBlock Storage€0.11/hour€77/month
POP2-HC-8C-16G8 vCPUs16 GB1/21.6 GbpsBlock Storage€0.21/hour€155/month
POP2-HC-16C-32G16 vCPUs32 GB1/23.2 GbpsBlock Storage€0.43/hour€310/month
POP2-HC-32C-64G32 vCPUs64 GB1/26.4 GbpsBlock Storage€0.85/hour€621/month
POP2-HC-64C-128G64 vCPUs128 GB1/212.8 GbpsBlock Storage€1.70/hour€1242/month

Workload-Optimized - POP2HM

High-memory and powerful instances with dedicated vCPU, designed for memory-intensive workloads and data-intensive applications.

NamevCPUsRAMRatioBandwidthDisksPriceApprox. per month
POP2-HM-2C-16G2 vCPUs16 GB1/8400 MbpsBlock Storage€0.10/hour€75/month
POP2-HM-4C-32G4 vCPUs32 GB1/8800 MbpsBlock Storage€0.21/hour€150/month
POP2-HM-8C-64G8 vCPUs64 GB1/81.6 GbpsBlock Storage€0.41/hour€300/month
POP2-HM-16C-128G16 vCPUs128 GB1/83.2 GbpsBlock Storage€0.82/hour€600/month
POP2-HM-32C-256G32 vCPUs256 GB1/86.4 GbpsBlock Storage€1.65/hour€1203/month
POP2-HM-64C-512G64 vCPUs512 GB1/812.8 GbpsBlock Storage€3.30/hour€2406/month