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How to backup your Synology NAS on Object Storage using Hyper Backup

Reviewed on 18 January 2022Published on 03 December 2019
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Synology Hyper Backup - Overview

Synology Hyper Backup is a solution to backup your Synology NAS easily on Scaleway Object Storage.

A NAS is a network connected device housing one or several hard disks to store all your photos, music, videos and other data. The device is sitting in your home network. With different access rights, you can grant access to anyone in your network or make your files available by sharing them over your Internet connection.

As the NAS holds huge amounts of your personal data, a good backup strategy is important. Synology has developed an application called Hyper Backup which allows automatizing the backup of their NAS devices on several external media. These media include external devices, another Synology NAS, a rsync server, or a public cloud service like Scaleway Object Storage.


Configuring Hyper Backup

  1. Connect to the administration interface of your NAS and launch the Hyper Backup application.

  2. Click + to open the menu, then click Data backup task to launch the backup configuration wizzard.

  3. Choose S3 Storage as backup destination from the list:

  4. Choose Create backup task and select Custom Server URL from the drop-down list in the S3 Server section:

  5. Enter the credentials for your Scaleway Object Storage bucket:

    • Server address: The address of the Object Storage endpoint
      It can be either
      • s3.fr-par.scw.cloud for buckets in Paris
      • s3.nl-ams.scw.cloud for buckets in Amsterdam
      • s3.pl-waw.scw.cloud for buckets in Warsaw.
    • Signature Version: Choose the value v2 from the drop-down list
    • Access Key: The access key of your API key
    • Secret Key: The secret key of your API key
    • Bucket Name: Choose the bucket for storing your backups from the drop down list
    • Directory: The name of the directory for storing your backups. A default name is being generated from the name of your Synology device. That name can be changed if required.

    Click Next to continue to the following step.

  6. Select the directories of your NAS that you want to backup. Then click Next to continue to the following step:

  7. Select the applications that you want to backup, then click Next to continue to following step:

  8. Configure the backup settings. You can customize the backup schedule and several options depending on your requirements. If you do not have special requirements, you can go with the default settings. Click Next to continue to the following step:

  9. The backup configuration is now complete. The NAS will initialize the backup process and run a first backup. Once completed a Succeed message appears:

For more information regarding Hyper Backup, you may refer to the software specifications and the official documentation.