Getting started with the Minecraft InstantApp

Getting started with the Minecraft InstantApp

This page shows you how to use the Minecraft InstantApp on your cloud instance.


Here are the steps to start a server using our Minecraft InstantApp

  • Create and start a new cloud instance using the Minecraft Image
  • Change your admin password
  • Create a profile on MineOS administration page
  • Configure and start your Minecraft server

Create and start a new cloud instance using the Minecraft Image

Before starting, click the “Create a Server” button in the control panel.

Control Panel

You will land on the server-creation page where you can choose the Minecraft image in the InstantApps tab for your Cloud Instance:

Control Panel

Choose the server type and click on the Create a Server button. This action starts your server with Minecraft pre-installed.

Change your admin password

The default password for the “admin” account in administration panel must be changed for your server to be secure.

Open the following url in a new browser


Edit admin password

You can only edit the password one time ! So be careful and remember it.

You will then land on a page that will show you your admin account password, and a link to access the control panel of your server. (https://:8080)

Edit admin password

Log into the interface with the account “admin” and the password you just set.

Interface login

SCreate a profile on MineOS administration page

Now that you’re logged into the interface, you have to add a “profile” to be able to create a new server.
A profile is a pack of “configurations” for a server type.

Here we will create a profile for standard Vanilla 1.8.8 Minecraft Servers.

Click on “Manage Profiles” in the interface.

Manage Profiles

Click on “Create Stock Profile” -> “vanilla188”

Create profile

Click on “Update” and wait for the interface to download the server executable (a green notification will pop in the bottom right corner once done).

Download executable

Click on Create a Server and enter the desired Server Name. Ensure that the Group Ownership is “minecraft”. Click next.

Create server 1

Set various options as wanted for your server. Click next.

Create server 2

For the STEP3, select the profile you juste created (vanilla188). Set java options to the following:

  • java_xmx: 1600
  • java_xms: 1600
  • java_tweaks: -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalPacing -XX:ParallelGCThreads=4 -XX:+AggressiveOpts

This ensures the best performance with Minecraft on our servers. Click Submit.

Create server 3

You will now see your server on the dashboard. Click on it’s name.

Launch server 1

Click on “Start server”. Wait a little, and refresh the page (by clicking in the “Server Status” menu on the left).

Launch server 2

You will see a blue “Accept EULA” button. Click it, and then Start your server again.

Launch server 3

Now go to the “Console” menu on the left. You will see your server preparing the spawn area.
Once finished, the server is ready to accept connexions !
(You can click “Console” again to refresh the console output)

Launch server 4

In your Minecraft client, Add a new server, and input the ip of your server in the “Server Address” field. Click Done and log into your server.

Connect server 1

Now that you are connected to your server, in the console you will see “joined the game". You can set yourself an operator by typing the command "/op" and pressing enter in the input field.

Connect server 2

This app is in Beta so feedbacks are very welcome !

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