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How to deploy WordPress with a click

Reviewed on 10 May 2021 • Published on 07 May 2015
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WordPress InstantApp - Overview

This page shows you how to spawn a WordPress application in seconds.


The WordPress InstantApp comes with the following packages:


WordPress is a popular, free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.

Working with the WordPress application will significantly save you time and effort as WordPress is installed and configured.

Deploy WordPress

  1. Click the “Create a Server” button in the Instances section of the Scaleway Console.

  2. On the server-creation page where you can choose the WordPress image in the InstantApps tab for your Cloud Instance:

  3. Choose the server type and click the Create a Server button. This action starts your server.

Open the mail ports to send e-mail

To avoid spam, remote mail ports cannot be reached from our infrastructure by default. As WordPress requires to send mail, we need to open them. Your account needs to be validated to perform this operation. To get your account reviewed, please contact our assistance.

  1. Click the Security Groups tab to enter the security-groups page.

  2. Click the Create a new Security Group button and input the security group name and description.

  3. Check the Enable SMTP box to unblock the mail ports.

  4. Go back to your servers details end select the security group previously created.


The new Security Group configuration will be applied automatically on Virtual Instances. BareMetal Cloud Servers need to be hard rebooted from the management console to configure the new rules.

Configure WordPress

When your server is running, you can see the server’s IP address in the server list on the control panel. Copy this IP address and paste it in your favourite browser.

On the page you land, fill-in the WordPress information and click the “Install WordPress” button.


The installation takes few seconds.

Login and start using WordPress

  1. On the login page, input the username and password you set previously and click the “Log In” button
  1. You are now connected to your blog and can start using it!