What's new in April? Kubernetes, Cockpit, Secret Manager & more

Hana Khelifa
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We’ve been talking a lot about K8s this past month. Why? Kubernetes is key to the future of the cloud. It’s optimization at its best for ambitious organizations looking to scale. From KCD (Kubernetes Community Days) and KubeTalks to our live Twitch session featuring our very own Dr Kube (nobody cares more about your cluster’s health!), we’re all in on helping you make the most of the cloud’s best tech.

So, let’s dive into what happened in March, and what’s coming in April!

Product updates

Go and Python on Serverless Functions
Developing functions became much easier with our local development framework for Go and Python.

Devtools for Cockpit
Devtools are now in production for Observability's Cockpit. Cockpit, Token, and Grafana User are now available on Terraform, the CLI, and SDK.

Host header routes
Scaleway Load Balancers now provide the ability to create routes based on the value of incoming requests' Host HTTP headers.
The console manages everything for you and configures the route type automatically, based on the frontend and backend you use. The API still lets you configure the route type; just make sure you update your automation tools. SNI routes with HTTP backend won’t be supported as of June 1st.

Anti-spam policy for Transactional Email
We have added an anti-spam policy for our customers to be able to use the Transactional Email (TEM) service. Find out about Transactional Email's anti-spam policy here.

Learn more on our changelog, and as always: if you are missing something, request a feature!

Upcoming events

The Jam #5: April 18th, Paris
Save the date for April 18th and join us at The Jam—our meetup series for engaging conversations with technology leaders. Share experiences, learn from peers, and stay up to date with industry trends.
Grab your ticket for the April 18th session; our speaker will be Pierre Coulzy, CTO at Botify!

Rust Meetup: April 19th, Paris
We’re delighted to host the Rust Paris community in our offices for their upcoming meetup. Connect with fellow Rustaceans to discuss the latest developments in the Rust programming language, and enjoy insightful talks, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities. Get more information and RSVP.

Kubetalks #2: April 27th, Paris
Join Kubernetes enthusiasts for an engaging event featuring expert presentations, insights and networking opportunities. Learn about the latest trends in Kubernetes deployment and management. Save your spot.


Minecraft Server: Secrets, Observability & Kubernetes
Explore the process of setting up a Minecraft server using observability, Kubernetes, Pulumi, and Scaleway in this detailed blogpost written by Ediri on his blog. He provides an in-depth guide to creating infrastructure, offering valuable insights for those interested in server management and Minecraft hosting.

Live Twitch: April 7th, 14th & 21st, Online
Join our live session where our Developer Relations team hangs out with some interesting folks, and everybody learns a thing or two. One week can be about Kubernetes and infrastructure, another about cybersec and knitting. Follow on Youtube or Twitch to get notified when we’re live!

New resources

On Kubernetes, human languages, and building open source communities
What do Kubernetes, human languages, and open source governance have in common? Learn about how two Scaleway employees are making k8s more accessible—one word at a time.

Bringing FerretDB into the Cloud: an open-source alternative to MongoDB®
FerretDB is an open-source alternative to MongoDB that provides a compatible API layer over PostgreSQL engine to store and retrieve data.
Learn how FerretDB works and how we implemented it into Scaleway’s ecosystem.

Kubernetes Mastery: a curated list of must-know open-source tools
We’ve rounded up many of the greatest open-source tools that simplify the management of your Kubernetes infrastructure: deployment, monitoring and observability, logging, networking, security, and CI/CD.

Project management for technical teams with Focalboard
If you’re looking for a powerful and cost-effective project management tool, Focalboard is definitely worth checking out. Learn how to deploy Focalboard on Ubuntu Instances!

Graduating from Docker to Kubernetes
Our in-house expert shared his journey of graduating from docker to Kubernetes, providing a hands-on guide on how to set up your first Kubernetes infrastructure.

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