60+ Tools to launch and scale your MVP with no budget

Hana Khelifa
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Creating, launching, and scaling your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is no small task. Even though your MVP is only the first, super simple version of your product, which is just meant to validate your hypothesis and its economic viability!

In theory, to debut your MVP you'd need a multi-talented team to handle the creation of your site, brand materials, sales journey, and other aspects of your business.

In practice, you may not have the resources or knowledge to create this brand infrastructure. But luckily, the Internet is a magic place full of applications to support you on all those tasks: creating your first logo, your first campaign, your first website, the tooling stack you'll need to capture your first leads, automation, and so on.

To help you on those missions, here's a few budget-friendly tools to help you bootstrap your startup.

Build your brand identity✏️

  • Color Hunt and Coolors will help you find color inspiration for your brand identity.
  • Hatchful andFree Logo Design will help you create your first logo.
  • Canva (the OG) and Snappa are packed with thousands of easy-to-use templates and design assets to create any design you'll need, from images and videos for your socials, to slides for presentation.
  • Tinywow will handle all your file needs: remove background, split, merge, or edit PDFs, convert a file from one format to another, etc. It is a Swiss Army knife for files.
  • SlidesGO offers free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates to boost the quality of your presentations.
  • The noun project,Flaticon andNucleoapp give a vast range of professional-grade icons for your website and presentations.
  • Venngage creates beautiful infographics.
  • Artgrid, Coverr,Pexels, and Mazwai provide you with royalty-free high-quality videos.
  • Pexels, Unsplash, Gratisography, and StockSnap with beautiful and royalty free photos.
  • For illustrations, Humaaans and unDraw are two must knows.
  • Clideo is an all-in-one for everything to do with videos: resizing, editing, adding subtitles, compressing files, etc.
  • Marvel will help you prototype designs easily.

Get your first leads📈

  • Launch your startup on Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Beta List.
  • Umso and Unbounce are two great website to build quick and well-designed landing pages to test out your theories.
  • Diagrams will help you create all the diagrams you need to visualize your customer funnels and journeys.
  • Funnelytics will help you optimize those funnels and journeys so you only scale what works.
  • Startup Growth Calculator will help you calculate how much funding your startup needs.
  • Nira Templates will provide you with thousands of resources and templates to get your work done.
  • Memberstack is a no-code tool to create membership on your website
  • Outgrow is a no-code tool to build interactive content and generate leads.
  • Answer The Public is a go-to free tool to find content ideas and optimize your SEO.
  • To organically rank higher on Google search, you'll need to optimize your page loading time. Luckily, Tin.webp helps with that.
  • Typeform and its free counterpart Tally will help you create simple forms and get user feedback.
  • Restream streams one livestream to multiple destinations.
  • HotJar provides a site heatmap and analytics that will give insights into your first users.

Get organized and automate🖥

  • Hootsuite collects all your social media profiles under a simple dashboard.
  • Mailchimp automates emails and has functions to help grow your audience
  • Asana and Notion are two modern organizing applications to help you visualize and optimize your project management. Trello is a simpler version of the two previous options.
  • Crisp gives your customer experience a human touch.
  • Hubspot is a simple CRM pick.
  • Create your first press kit in under 10 minutes with Press Kite.
  • Recruit talents in France with Welcome to the Jungle or AngelList.
  • Payfit's compensation model is transparent and can be found here if you need to get an idea of market standards.
  • Looking for more insight on how much to offer employees? There's also this giant sheet cheat where 1000+ startuppers and employees shared their salaries to break the taboo around talking money.
  • Fleet will let you rent materials instead of buying them, which gives you more financial flexibility.
  • Panopli or Kymono helps you create swag.
  • Alan provides simple health insurance for your employees.
  • Qonto and iBanFirst got you for professional bank accounts.
  • Payfit simplifies payroll management and HR processes.

Resources for french administration 🇫🇷

We hope this tooling curation will help you get started on building ambitious startups. And if you are looking for mentorship and support, check out Scaleway's Startup Program!

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