What’s new in June? Cockpit, BeReal & lovely Lille!

James Martin
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Time flies when you’re having fun, right? This past month we unveiled Cockpit, our brand new observability product, as well as an important step up for Kubernetes security, and for supercharging email campaigns. There are also new demos for you to play with in our sandbox 🥳

Content-wise, you can take a deeper dive into Cockpit, as well as the start of a new green IT series; and discover IPFS, a.k.a. the ‘real’ web3. We’re also super excited to welcome BeReal to speak at the next Paris edition of The Jam; and to bring both The Jam and our KubeTalks events to our lovely Lille HQ for the first time. See you there!

Meanwhile, enjoy 👇

🎯 Product updates

Cockpit brings multi-cloud observability

Discover Cockpit, the first observability product seamlessly integrated with the Scaleway ecosystem. Designed to be multi-source, it allows you to keep a close eye on all your metrics and logs from Scaleway, as well as your applications, or those of any other cloud provider. Find out how to simplify your cloud monitoring with Cockpit here.

Kubernetes Kapsule is now available on Private Networks

For even deeper K8s security, every new Kubernetes Kapsule cluster created from the Scaleway console is now attached to a Private Network by default. This service comes free of charge, fully configured, and supported on Terraform and CLI. You can either migrate your public Kubernetes clusters using the Scaleway Console directly. More info here

Transactional Email, now in General Availability

TEM is a fully-managed solution dedicated to sending transactional emails. With TEM, you can send your emails via the API or SMTP, add and verify a sending domain, configure the SPF/DKIM authentication and monitor emails via the console. Start using it now!

Web Hosting is now officially available in the Elements family!

Web Hosting provides a fully managed cPanel for website hosting needs. Previously limited to our Dedibox offering, it is now integrated directly in the Scaleway Console.

You can follow our updates on the Changelog page, and if you are missing something, you can always request a feature!

🎯 New Beta

We’ve got 3 new products in Discovery! Request access on our Beta pages 👍

Managed AMQP

This message broker is compatible with AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) services, which can handle a variety of messaging use cases (direct queues, fanout, topic & headers) across your cloud architecture. Try it here!

Managed Document Database

This allows you to use a document database through a MongoDB®-compatible API. Managed Document Database works with your existing applications, drivers, or MongoDB®-compatible tools, with no need to refactor them. Right this way

Serverless DB

You can now use a database without worrying about managing the infrastructure supporting it. Best suited for SaaS companies that need to guarantee availability to their apps during peak traffic, without having to over-provision compute power. Check it out!

🗓 Upcoming events

The Jam (Lille) - June 13

Heads up: we’re holding our first Jam session in Lille! Join us at Scaleway’s stately Lille HQ to learn from Vianney Foucault, Platform Staff Engineer / Team Lead at Contentsquare, and from Loïc Poisot, CEO of CustomsBridge. RSVP now to secure your spot!

The Jam (Paris) - June 27

Our next Parisian Jam is a biggie: we’ll be welcoming Adam Surak, Head of Platform at BeReal, the super-fast-growing, made-in-France social media platform, who was previously VP Engineering, Infrastructure and Security at Algolia. He’ll be joined by former colleague Dustin Coates (Principal Product Manager, Algolia). Coates, who’s project-leading the company’s new Neural Search product, will talk about the rise of the prompt engineer. Don’t miss this rare opportunity: RSVP here now!

KubeTalks #4 (Lille) - June 27

With summer coming, our Lille office is in full bloom. We’ll take advantage of its lovely terrace to host an edition of KubeTalks, our K8s-focused meetup. The event, in French, will welcome Stephane Dessein, CTO of Le Fourgon, and Bruno Flament, DevSecOps Kubernetes at Whispeak, who’ll discuss Kubernetes service traceability. Save your spot!

Conference-ing soon? Grab a Scaler!

The tech conference season is back with a vengeance! Here’s where you’ll find us this month. Don’t be shy, come say “hi!” 👋

DevRel team: Birmingham TechMids (UK), 15–16 June; DevOpsDays Amsterdam (NL), 22-23 June; GOTO Amsterdam (NL), 26-29 June

Startups team: DES (ES), 13-15 June; The Next Web (NL), 15-16 June; VivaTech (FR), 14-17 June; Pirate Summit (DE), 27-29 June.

🎥 New resources

Get started with Cockpit: use cases for Scaleway Observability

Cockpit gives you flexible, fully-managed, multi-cloud observability. Find out how to best implement Scaleway Observability with our handy use case guide.

How can engineers make IT more sustainable? Part 1: It’s holistic

The digital sector generates 4% of global greenhouse emissions. Data centers and hardware are the main contributors; but they all run on code, written by developers. How can that impact be reduced? Find out in part 1 of a 4-part series

IPFS - the ‘real’ web3, explained

Could the entire internet be decentralized? And if so, would that make it the 'real' web3? InterPlanetary File System, or IPFS, could be the solution. This blogpost explains how!

Why we used open-source software to build Cockpit, our observability product

Learn how we built Cockpit to be both an internal ecosystem tool and a fully-fledged observability product for our customers, allowing them to monitor both infrastructure and application data, in this behind-the-scenes blogpost

Giving back to Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS)

Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) is everywhere and being used by everyone. Here are some ways you, as an individual or a company, can support the FOSS that makes your life easier every day.

That’s a wrap!

And as always, you are welcome to join our Community Slack to chat with Scalers, and with our community of engineers: https://slack.scaleway.com/

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