What’s new in May? IAM Object Storage, Kubernetes security & more

James Martin
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What a month it’s been! We’re proud to release Object Storage access management with IAM, as well as Secret Manager, confirming our commitment to cloud security. On the content front, you’ll discover the making of Scaleway’s IAM solution, and dive deeper with us into Kubernetes, with a focus on authentication - security, always! - and take a look forward to our next events: KubeTalks and The Jam 🎉

So, without further ado, let’s jump in to what’s new!

🎯 Product updates

IAM Object Storage Bucket policies

Bucket policies allow you to control your users' and applications' access at the resource level. With this new feature, you can manage access to Object Storage with IAM while precisely defining access rules for each bucket and object using bucket policies More info here!

Secret Manager is out

Secret Manager is a service that allows you to store and manage sensitive information, such as API keys, usernames, passwords, and security certificates in a secure and centralized location. Secret Manager is seamlessly integrated with popular orchestration and automation tools such as Kubernetes, Ansible and Terraform. More info here!

Load Balancers: HTTP redirects and unconditional ACLs

New types of ACLs (Access Control Lists) have been added to Scaleway’s Load Balancer, so that you can redirect client requests to alternative URLs, for example to secure your service by redirecting all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. Check out our reference documentation for a deeper dive into ACLs.

Serverless Functions adds offline testing and new Python API

You can now test serverless functions offline with Node JS, and create and deploy an API on Serverless Functions using Python annotations. You can even add an API Gateway hosted on Serverless Containers to manage routing from a single base URL. More on our official GitHub examples repository.

You can follow all our product updates on the Changelog page. Missing something? Request a feature!

🗓 Upcoming events

The Jam Episode 6 - May 23

What are the key challenges when it comes to leading, coaching and nurturing engineering talent? Datadog Principal Engineer Laurent Bernaille and Rudder CEO Alexandre Brianceau will share their insights at the next edition of The Jam, Scaleway’s unique networking event at iliad HQ in Paris. Register here, and we’ll see you there!

KubeTalks #3 - May 30

Scaleway’s event series for Kubernetes enthusiasts continues; expect an engaging evening featuring expert presentations, insights and networking opportunities. Speakers this time will be Arthur Busser, Site Reliability Engineer at Pigment; and Etienne Fachaux, CTO at Skyloud. Click here to register for this event, which will be in French.

Not to be missed…

  • Scaleway Developer Advocate Eli Holderness presents “A Brief History of Data Storage”, at NCD Oslo (May 25)
  • Join our team for the Scaleway Sessions, every Friday afternoon (16.00 CET) on Twitch! And if you miss us live, catch up on YouTube here!

🎥 New resources

“Who can do what,” or why Identity Access Management matters

Scaleway’s IAM solution officially launched on February 22. It had actually already been live for eight months. How did we manage to migrate so seamlessly? Go behind the scenes in this first of two blogposts

User authentication in Kubernetes: a primer

Administering a Kubernetes cluster safely and efficiently is hard. Here's how to ensure a cluster knows who is trying to access it, and how to make them prove their identity!

How a perfectionist engineer mindset can fail your startup

R2Devops’ Thomas Boni explains in this guest post how trying to do everything perfectly - an engineer’s default mindset - can sometimes cause your startup to fail… and how to move past that 🙂

Migrating an Infrastructure using Terraform: Kanta's case

How can you build a full (basic) Terraform infrastructure from scratch? Discover the complete code used by one of our Solutions Architects when migrating Kanta, an accounting-focused startup, to Scaleway. Full details in this blogpost!

That’s all for this month! We’ll be back early June. Meanwhile, as always, you are more than welcome to join our Community Slack to chat with our community of engineers & expert Scalers :)

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