What’s new in November? New control plane, CTO Forum & Observability

Hana Khelifa
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We’ve made no secret of how important we think it is for Europe to have its own datacenters, so we’re thrilled to announce the opening of our latest datacenter in Warsaw. As the second in the region, it will bring more resiliency to your applications, and it’s a big step toward our goal of creating a multi-AZ region in Eastern Europe.

That’s not the only news we have this month! Keep reading to discover our Kubernetes dedicated control plane, Observability Public Beta, an awesome Raycast extension created by one of our community members, and a revival of the CTO Forum.

Product updates🎯

New dedicated control plane on Kubernetes
Support heavy workloads on Kapsule and Kosmos with this paid add-on. Two Instances back this dedicated control plane, thus creating a high-availability and -performance environment.

Observability is now in Public Beta
Keep track of your infrastructure with Observability, which has all your metrics and logs on one Grafana dashboard.

Transactional Email in Public Beta
Transactional Email is a managed solution that ensures key communications land in your clients’ inboxes. We put in place an easy-to-use API, and made sure there’s high quality of deliverability thanks to our infrastructure.

Domains and DNS in Public Beta
The new Domains and DNS service lets you register or buy domain names and manage them through our console. During the public beta, you can buy and renew .com, .net, .org, .fr, .eu, .nl, .pl extensions.

Upcoming events🗓

Programmez Meetup: NGINX is the gateway to your Kubernetes cluster (Paris) - Dec. 13
Want to bring more security to your Kubernetes cluster as a Dev(Sec)Ops? That’s what this meetup is all about. You’ll learn how to use the new functions of the NGINX Ingress Controller, like integration of an application firewall policy and controlling access to your APIs. Register here.

CTO Forum Series: Karim Matrah and Pierre-Yves Ritschard (Paris) - Dec. 13
We’re debuting the CTO Forum Series! These Europe-wide meetups will feature engineering leaders talking about building products, managing teams, and scaling businesses. For the inaugural meeting, Karim Matrah, Head of Engineering at Get Contrast and Pierre-Yves Ritschard, CTO at Exoscale, will discuss product-led growth, aligning across departments, and launching products in the era of remote work. Register here.


Scaleway extension on Raycast
For all MacOS users, Florian Zdrada just built a Raycast extension to quickly access and manage your resources on Scaleway, like containers, Instances, and databases. And it’s open to suggestions and contributions! A big thank you to Florian for sharing your project with us on our Slack Community.

New resources🎥

How to connect a Serverless Function to Object Storage
Because Serverless functions are stateless, you will likely need to connect to services such as Object Storage or Databases to store your data. This example shows how to connect to Scaleway’s Object Storage using the AWS SDK and Python or Node.

Unlock the Potential of Serverless with Scaleway

To celebrate one year of Serverless with Scaleway, we recorded this webinar with startup Inheaden to dig into our current ecosystem and what we’re planning for the future. Plus, Inheaden presents two use cases explaining how they leverage Serverless to scale efficiently and easily.

That wraps up our news from November! As always, if you are missing a feature to get your project rolling, let us know through a feature request! But before you do that, check out our beta programs–we just might be building what you are looking for.

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