How much bandwidth do you provide? What is the transfer limit?

Your server comes with up to 2Gbit/s of internet bandwidth depending on your server. Check out the pricing page to find the exact value. The speed of your network card only limits the internal bandwidth.

There is no transfer limit, the transfer is unlimited.

What is a flexible IP address?

A flexible IP address is an IP address which you hold independently of any server. You can attach it to any of your servers and do live migration of the IP address between your servers.

Be aware that attaching a flexible IP address to a server will remove the previous public IP address of the server and cut any ongoing public connection to the server.

Can I have a firewall?

Yes! You can create security groups for your instances.

Using security groups, you can create stateless or stateful rules dropping or allowing incoming traffic from specific sources. You can then create your private infrastructure by disabling the public IPs of your servers. To create security groups, refer to our official documentation.

Important: If you create a stateful security group, it cannot be attached to a bare-metal server. In addition, if you already have a stateless security group attached to a bare-metal server, you will get an error while trying to switch that security group to stateful.

Are security groups updated instantly?

On all Virtual Cloud Servers Security Group settings are updated automatically within a few minutes after you made them. No reboot is required.

On BareMetal Cloud Servers, a hard reboot of the instance is required to update the Security Group settings.

Do you offer IPv6?

/64 IPv6 block are available on instances in Paris and Amsterdam (except for C1 and C2 instances). However, note that for our legacy servers including START and VC1 /64 IPv6 block is available at the cost of an archive.

The subnetwork is automatically activated on new instances. To benefit from an IPv6 /64 subnetwork on an existing instance, first archive it and then restart it.

Information about the allocated sub-network is available on the Instance Information page:

IPv6 Subnet

Do you offer protection against DDoS attacks?

Our network is protected by’s standard anti-DDoS system.

Why do I have a private IP?

We chose to use NAT for IPv4 addresses.

We use the NAT to get movable IP addresses which help us face the shortening of IPv4 addresses.

We implemented a custom solution to provide line-rate NAT.

What is the advantage to have a server without public IP?

You have the choice to change the network configuration of a server and remove its public IP.

This feature gives you more control, and you can put your servers into our private subnet and not expose them to the internet (e.g., Databases, Backups). You can then use security groups only to let specific hosts get access to them. It allows you to optimize your costs and to fight the global IPv4 shortage.

I cannot send any email.

To avoid spam, remote mail ports (25, 465, 587) cannot be reached from our infrastructure. If you need to open the mail ports to send e-mail, you can go to the advanced options section of your server and change the security group configuration:

  1. On the left panel of the Control Panel, click on “Security”
  2. Select the Security group you want to unblock remote mail ports
  3. Set “Block SMTP” to No.
  4. The Security group settings will be updated immediately on all our Virtual Cloud Servers. BareMetal Cloud Servers require a hard reboot to apply the new configuration.

IMPORTANT: Your account needs to be validated to perform this operation. To get your account reviewed, please contact our assistance.

Can I edit the reverse DNS of my IP address?

Yes! You can edit the reverse DNS of your flexible IP address.

How can I choose the physical position of my server in your datacenters?

We currently rely on internal heuristics to choose the exact place we’re going to spawn a new server. Having the total control of the positioning allows us to select the best place to start a server from, optimizing for network proximity and resiliency.

In the future, we might expose some of the underlying details so you’ll be able to gain more control over placement preferences. In the meantime, a server’s physical position in our datacenter is available through the server API via the location field. It shows the complete platform_id > chassis_id > node_id coordinates of your server.

Can I attach multiple IPs to a server?

We do not support assigning multiple IP addresses to a single server.

Can I register IPs under my company name?

It is not possible to register, under your company, the IP address you reserve.

We are not an IP address broker. IPs we propose on our platform are owned and registered by Scaleway.