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Messaging and Queuing

What are NATS, SNS and SQS?

NATS, SNS and SQS are all messaging protocols supported by Scaleway Messaging and Queuing. You can find out more about these protocols, and other essential Messaging and Queuing concepts, on our dedicated concepts page.

Is the Scaleway Messaging and Queuing SQS gateway compatible with my application, framework or tool?

We currently implement the API endpoints listed here, which makes Scaleway Messaging and Queuing compatible with the AWS SDK as well as many other tools and frameworks including KEDA and Symfony. Note that you need to specify both Regions and URL to ensure compatibility.

Does Scaleway Messaging and Queuing support all SNS features?

The following subscriber types are supported:

  • HTTP/S clients
  • Serverless Functions and Containers

For more details on supported and unsupported SNS features, see our dedicated page.

Can I configure Messaging and Queuing via Terraform?

Yes, check out our tutorial on configuring Messaging and Queuing with the Terraform NATS Jetstream provider.

What happened to my Messaging and Queuing namespaces?

Messaging and Queuing namespaces have been removed.

NATS namespaces and their credentials were automatically migrated to become NATS accounts, holding the same credentials you previously had in your namespace(s). You can manage your NATS accounts and namespaces from the new and improved Messaging and Queuing space in the console or our v1beta1 NATS API.

SQS/SNS namespaces and their credentials were not automatically migrated, and users were warned to migrate their resources themselves.

  • Previously these protocols were combined, and shared namespaces/credentials, but now they have been separated.
  • You must activate the SQS and/or SNS protocols on your Scaleway Project.
  • You must recreate your credentials (and any other resources e.g. queues) for the new “no-namespace” version of Messaging and Queuing.

The new version of Messaging and Queuing is designed to provide a better and more secure experience, as well as preparing Messaging and Queuing for further integration into the Scaleway ecosystem.

Why can’t I see my SQS or SNS resources in the console anymore?

The console now points to the new and improved version of Messaging and Queuing, v1beta1. Any SQS or SNS resources created with the API or the console prior to the date of SQS and NATS going into General Availability, existed within the old v1alpha1 version of Messaging and Queuing which has now been deprecated.

All users were warned to activate the SQS and/or SNS protocol(s) for their Scaleway Project via the v1beta1 version of the API or the console, and recreate their resources (credentials, queues etc) in this new version.

Can I still keep using the old v1alpha1 API?

The v1alpha1 API has now been deprecated, and all resources still existing in it deleted.

You must migrate by recreating your SQS and/or SNS resources on the new v1beta1 API (or via the console). NATS resources have been automatically migrated.

  • Messaging and Queuing: SQS v1beta1 API
  • Messaging and Queuing: SNS v1beta1 API
  • Messaging and Queuing: NATS v1beta1 API

How is Messaging and Queuing billed?

Billing for NATS and SQS is based on:

  • For NATS: Stream volume (the total sum of each message’s size going through the stream) and stream persistence (the total amount of data stored * duration)
  • For SQS: Queue volume (the total sum of each message’s size going through the queue)
  • For SNS : Topic Volume(the total sum of each message’s size going out from the topic to the subscriptions)

For full pricing details, see our dedicated pricing page.

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