messaging and queuing
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Messaging and Queuing

Discover Scaleway Messaging and Queuing.

What is a namespace?

A namespace sets a scope for your queues, topics and credentials. For each namespace, you can generate one or multiple sets of credentials to perform actions within that namespace. Read more about namespaces.

What is NATS / SNS / SQS ?

NATS, SNS and SQS are all messaging protocols supported by Scaleway Messaging and Queuing. You can find out more about these protocols, and other essential Messaging and Queuing concepts, on our dedicated concepts page.

Can I subscribe to a topic that is in a different namespace?

It is currently not possible for an SQS queue to subscribe to a topic located in a different namespace.

Is the Scaleway Messaging and Queuing SQS gateway compatible with my application/framework/tool?

We currently implement the API endpoints listed here, which makes Scaleway Messaging and Queuing compatible with the AWS SDK as well as many other tools and frameworks including KEDA and Symfony. Note that you need to specify both Regions and URL to ensure compatibility.

Does Scaleway Messaging and Queuing support all SNS features?

The following subscriber types are supported:

  • HTTP/S clients
  • Serverless Functions
  • SQS queues in the same namespace

For more details on supported and unsupported SNS features, see our dedicated page

How much will Messaging and Queuing cost once it is in General Availability?

We cannot currently disclose the future pricing of the product. However, regardless of which messaging protocol you choose, you will be billed based on the message volume (sent/received) transiting through the system each month.

Can I configure Messaging and Queuing via Terraform?

Yes, check out our tutorial on configuring Messaging and Queueing with the Terraform NATS Jetstream provider.