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Discover Scaleway's Cockpit

What is Scaleway’s Cockpit?

Scaleway’s Cockpit is a monitoring and alerting solution designed for multi-source observability. Cockpit allows you to collect, store, and analyze metrics and logs from your infrastructure and applications, giving you insights into your system’s performance and behavior.

How does Cockpit integrate with other Scaleway products?

Cockpit integrates seamlessly with Scaleway’s ecosystem. It provides pre-built dashboards and alerts to monitor other Scaleway products’ performance.

How am I billed for using Cockpit with my Scaleway data?

Scaleway’s monitoring is included for free for a period of 30 days and 7 days for logs. Extended storage is available for €29 per month and entails 12 months of storage for metrics and 1 month of storage for logs.

How am I billed for using Cockpit with external data?

Cockpit’s pricing is based on two dimensions: the volume of external logs and metrics ingested and the duration of storage.

  • Metrics are billed €0,15 per million of samples ingested.
  • Logs are billed €0,35 per GB ingested.

You will not be charged for querying external data and the monitoring of your Scaleway resources is included for free for a period of 30 days.

How do I send my own data to my Cockpit?

You can send your data using our dedicated documentation. If you have not set up any agent, check out our documentation on how to configure a Grafana agent.