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Serverless Jobs

What are Serverless Jobs?

Scaleway Serverless Jobs is a fully managed service that enables efficient execution of batch computing workloads. It automates management tasks, allowing users to run large-scale batch jobs with ease.

How am I billed for Serverless Jobs?


Serverless Jobs are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, strictly on resource consumption (Memory and CPU).

  • Memory consumption: The memory consumption is obtained by multiplying the memory tier chosen by the job run duration.
  • vCPU consumption: The vCPU consumption is obtained by multiplying the vCPU tier chosen by the job run duration.


  • Memory consumption: €0.10 per 100 000 GB-s, and we provide a 400 000 GB-s free tier per account and per month.

    MemoryPrice per second
    128 MB€0.000000125
    256 MB€0.00000025
    512 MB€0.0000005
    1024 MB€0.000001
    2048 MB€0.000002
    3072 MB€0.000003
    4096 MB€0.000004
  • vCPU consumption: €1.00 per 100 000 vCPU-s, and we provide a 200 000 vCPU-s free tier per account per month.

    CPUPrice per second
    0.07 vCPU€0.0000007
    0.14 vCPU€0.0000014
    0.28 vCPU€0.0000028
    0.56 vCPU€0.0000056
    1.12 vCPU€0.0000112


Monthly duration432 000 s (120h)
Amount of memory allocated2048 MB
Amount of vCPU allocated1120 mVCPU
Free tierYes

Price calculation

  • Memory consumption
    • Allocated Memory conversion: 2048 MB = 2 GB
    • Resource consumption: 432 000 s * 2 GB = 864 000 GB-s
    • Free tier: 400 000 GB-s
    • Billed resources: 864 000 - 400 000 = 464 000 GB-s
    • Cost: 464 000 * €0.0000010 = €0.47
  • vCPU consumption
    • Allocated vCPU conversion: 1120mVCPU = 1.12 vCPU
    • Resource consumption: 432 000 s * 1.12 vCPU = 483 840 vCPU-s
    • Free tier: 200 000 vCPU-s
    • Billed resources: 483 840 - 200 000 = 283 840 vCPU-s
    • Cost: 283 840 * €0.0000100 = €2.84

Monthly Cost: €3,31

What types of workloads are best suited for Serverless Jobs?

Serverless Jobs is ideal for tasks such as data processing, analysis and various computational operations that can be executed in a non-interactive batch mode. You can execute short and long-running jobs.

How can I monitor the activity of my Serverless Jobs?

Serverless Jobs are integrated with Cockpit, Scaleway’s Observability service. Cockpit allows you to see all the logs and metrics associated with your job runs](/serverless/jobs/concepts/#job-run). Additionally, each job run has a status that provides you with real-time information on your job’s execution.

Can I cancel or modify a Serverless Job after it has started?

An ongoing Serverless Job can be interrupted during its execution from the Job runs section of a job’s Overview tab.

How can I automate the deployment and management of Scaleway Serverless Jobs?

Scaleway Serverless Jobs is part of the Scaleway ecosystem, it can therefore be driven using the Scaleway CLI, the Scaleway API, and other developer tools. Our serverless ecosystem offers a lot of possibilities with event-driven architectures, and integrations with more products of the Scaleway ecosystem are under active development.

Do Serverless Jobs offer parallelization?

Not yet. Scaleway Serverless Jobs will soon offer parallelization via a parallelism parameter for each job. This will automatically launch a given number of replicas of the Job container in parallel.

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