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Container Registry

What is Scaleway Container Registry?

Scaleway Container Registry is a fully managed mutualized Container Registry, designed to facilitate storing, managing, and deploying container images. It simplifies the development-to-production workflow as there is no need to operate an own Container Registry or to worry about the underlying infrastructure. You can store any docker container image on the Namespace and it is possible to set the visibility of each image towards your needs. It can either be private or public. The Service is currently available in our nl-ams (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), fr-par (Paris, France) and pl-waw (Poland, Warsaw) Availability Zones.

Why do I get a message that the namespace is not available?

Each namespace has a unique name in each Availability Zone. If the namespace’s name is already taken, it would no longer be available.

Can I store multiple versions of an image?

Yes, Scaleway Container Registry supports versioning and you can store as many versions of an image as you want.