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What is the difference between VPC and a Private Network?

One default VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) for every available region is automatically created in each Scaleway Project. A VPC offers layer 3 network isolation.

Within each VPC, you can create multiple Private Networks and attach Scaleway resources to them, as long as the resources are in an AZ within the network’s region. Attached resources can then communicate between themselves in an isolated and secure layer 2 network, away from the public internet.

In the future, VPC will allow you to define specific routing rules for your Private Networks, interconnect your VPC with other networks, define access control lists and more.

Can two different Private Networks communicate with each other?

No. A Private Network is regional, spanning multiple AZs of the same region, but does not allow communication between two different Private Networks. In the future, we plan to release a feature to enable this. In the meantime, it is possible to define your own layer 3 router using a Public Gateway or an Instance connected to both Private Networks.

What happened to my classic, mono-AZ Private Network?

When VPC and regional Private Networks moved from Public Beta to General Availability, all mono-AZ Private Networks were automatically migrated to be regional. This is a seamless process with no downtime, that should not require any extra configuration on the client side. Read the documentation to find out more about the migration process.

Can I attach a resource to two more more Private Networks from different VPCs?

This is not currently possible, as a VPC provides level 3 isolation. A Private Network can not, therefore, belong to two different VPCs.

Do resources’ IP addresses on a Private Network risk changing when allocated by managed DHCP?

With managed DHCP, the IP is allocated when the resource is attached to a Private Network, and released only when the resource is detached or deleted. The IP address remains stable across reboots and long poweroffs, and will not change except upon deletion or detachment from the Private Network.

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