serverless sql databases
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Serverless SQL Databases

Discover Scaleway's Serverless SQL Databases

How am I billed for Serverless SQL Databases?

You are billed both for the compute resources provisioned and the storage used. You can see the cost estimate in the Database creation wizard.

  • Compute: You are billed based on compute resources (vCPU and RAM) provisioned to handle your workload. Provisioned resources evolve according to the autoscaling parameter and stay between the minimum and maximum thresholds defined for your database. For each vCPU provisioned, 4 GB of RAM will be allocated.

  • Storage: You are billed for the storage consumed by your database. Storage price is based on the size of your database (in GB) and includes 7 days of automated backups at no additional costs. Storage is always billed even if your database is in an active state or idle state.


You will not be billed if your database is configured with 0 vCPU as a minimum and is in idle status.

What are the differences between Serverless SQL Databases and PostgreSQL databases?

Serverless SQL Database is compatible with most PostgreSQL-compatible clients and tools. Due to connection pooling support, some minor features are disabled or will not work as expected. Refer to the Known differences for more information.

How many simultaneous connections can my database receive?

Serverless SQL Database handles connection pooling seamlessly. The number of maximum simultaneous connections will scale with CPU and RAM. Refer to the Serverless SQL Databases overview for more information on technical specifications.

Refer to How am I billed? for more information.

Is there any latency linked to scaling or cold starts?

Scaling an active database or waking up an idle database will be seamless for clients connected to the database as the connections will be maintained, but queries performed during these operations may experience a few seconds of delay.

You can avoid cold starts by provisioning a minimum of 1 vCPU or more.

What features are not supported during the beta?

The following features are currently not supported and will be implemented at a later time:

  • Automatic and manual backups
  • Logs and metrics