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Transactional Email

Discover Scaleway's Transactional Email

What is Transactional Email (TEM)?

Scaleway’s Transactional Email service is a fully managed solution dedicated to sending transactional emails. With Transactional Email, you can send your emails via the API or SMTP, add and verify a sending domain, configure SPF and DKIM authentication and monitor emails via the Scaleway console.

What are transactional emails?

A transactional email is a type of automated, non-promotional email triggered by interactions with a website or an application, e.g. account creation, password modification, new order, payment status, etc. Unlike marketing emails, transactional emails are usually expected by customers and thus, have much higher open rate than marketing emails.

Can I use your platform to send my marketing emails?

Scaleway’s Transactional Email platform is dedicated to sending transactional emails only. You can not use Transactional Email to send marketing emails. Read our anti-spam policy for more information.

How can I configure DNS records to send emails?

You need to add SPF and DKIM records to be able to send emails. Find out how to set up your DNS records for other DNS providers.

How do I know if my domain is valid for sending emails?

After configuring your SPF and DKIM records, you must launch a verification of the domain either via the console or the API. You will then receive an email informing you whether your domain was validated or if there are errors to fix so it can be validated.

Do I have to set up an MX record for a better email deliverability?

Setting up an MX record is not mandatory, but we recommend you do it because mail servers may not know where to send your emails, which could lead to your emails being rejected or delivery failures.

What are limitations and restrictions when using Transactional Email (TEM)?

Find out about limits and quotas available for Transactional Email. If you want to increase your quota beyond the values shown on this page, contact our support team.

How is Scaleway’s Transactional Email service billed?

At the end of the month, you are billed for the number of emails you sent. For example, sending 1000 emails costs €0,25. Check out our dedicated page for more information about Scaleway’s Transactional Email