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Apple silicon

Is there a minimum allocation period for Apple silicon Mac mini?

Due to license constraints, the minimum lease for Apple silicon-as-a-Service is 24 hours. As a result, a Mac mini can only be deleted after a minimum allocation period of 24 hours.

How many public IPs can I assign to a Mac mini?

Each Mac mini can have one IPv4 IP address and one IPv6 subnet (/128).

How can I reinstall my Mac mini?

To reinstall your Mac mini, navigate to the Scaleway console, then go to the Apple Silicon page. From there, select the server you wish to reinstall and locate the Reinstall button. Click it, and you will be prompted to choose the macOS version for the reinstallation process. Once selected, the reinstallation will commence automatically.

How can I back up my Mac mini?

You can backup your Mac mini using a backup solution of your choice.

For example, Restic for backups from the command line, or Arq Backup for backups from a graphical interface. Both solutions allow you to store your backups safely on our Object Storage.

Why can’t I send emails from my Apple silicon as-a-Service?

For security reasons, the SMTP ports on Apple silicon machines are blocked. It is therefore not possible to send emails from your Mac mini.

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