What's new in July? Instances & Elastic Metal power up, K8s insights & more

James Martin
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Another bumper month draws to a close and summer is right around the corner. Which isn’t stopping the Scaleway team cranking out new products, events and insights to keep helping grow a bigger, better, faster and stronger European cloud community! Discover the latest updates below 👇… & enjoy!

🎯 Product updates

New Workload-Optimized Instances can handle your heaviest workloads

Working in resource-heavy sectors like AI or scientific research? Scaleway’s new Workload-Optimized Instances have you covered. POP2-HC is ideal for CPU-intensive tasks, whilst POP2-HM’s expansive RAM makes it ideal for memory-hungry workloads. Not forgetting POP2’s new inclusion in our Production-Optimized range, which further completes Scaleway’s comprehensive offering, unique for a European cloud provider. Discover the range here.

I210E-NVME, Elastic Metal’s new addition, brings extra clout to the cloud

If you need your bare metal to go the extra mile, look no further than our new addition to the Elastic Metal Iridium range. I210E-NVME servers are high-performance disks ideal for applications like Elasticsearch, thanks to their AMD EPYC 7313P processors. And their optional private network now supports up to 10 Gbps private bandwidth! Check out specifications and book your servers in your Scaleway Console.

Discover a brand new console experience on Load Balancer

We’ve redesigned the console’s backend management experience, with streamlined Load Balancer creation and reorganized pages for clarity. Additionally, new features include backend protection for session limitation and backend retry logic for fine-tuning connection retries. Check out our updated documentation for more details.

You can follow our updates on the Changelog page, and if you are missing something, you can always request a feature!

🎯 New Beta

API Gateway

An API Gateway is a system that provides a single entry point to a distributed application, which may itself be made up of multiple underlying services. The API Gateway centralizes the configuration, routing, and security needed to handle all incoming requests, freeing the underlying components from these concerns. In July we will be releasing a first prototype in early access for users who subscribed to the Beta; more info here!

🗓 Upcoming events: Grab a Scaler!

Meet the DevRel team, IRL or online:

  • Eli Holderness will be speaking at EuroPython in Prague, 17–23 July.
  • Join us for Scaleway Sessions, every Friday at 16:00 (CET), live on Twitch and YouTube!

🎥 New resources

How can engineers make IT more sustainable? Part 3: Green IT case studies

Green IT can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%… but that's not all! It can also cut server requirements in half, and save huge amounts of CO2 and water. Read on for inspiration!

Tackling technical debt and creating IP Mobility

We’re changing how our inner network operates and enabling globally routable IP addresses for our instances for more IP stability, improved IPv6 support, and enhanced security. Find out more here

How we connected over 250,000 IoT devices to the cloud

Christian Hein, CIO at Inheaden, explains how Inheaden helped one of their customers connect 250,000 IoT devices to the cloud using Scaleway’s Kubernetes Kosmos. It’s all in this blogpost!

“To do security well, make the easiest way the secure way” - Kubernetes security with Arthur Busser, Pigment

Water-tight secret management is the key to Kubernetes security, Pigment's Arthur Busser explains in this expert interview. Including the horror story that taught him that lesson!

Mastering Kubernetes Pods: A comprehensive guide to container orchestration

Learn about Pods, the fundamental unit of deployment in Kubernetes. Understand how Pods work, and how they encapsulate containers, in this illuminating blogpost!

As always, you are welcome to join our Community Slack to chat with Scalers, and with our community of engineers.

That’s a wrap! Have a great summer 😎

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