Failover IPs Adresses

Configure your Failover IP addresses on your Bare Metal servers



per hour


Flexibility and Availability

At any time, redirect your Failover IP address to another server using our Scaleway Elements console or via our API


With the virtual mac addresses associated with your Failover IP, your Bare Metal Cloud server can support VMWare ESXi, Xen or KVM hypervisors.

Dedicated IP reputation

Changing your server or moving away from Bare Metal Cloud server? Preserve the reputation of your failover IP addresses at all time.

Failover IP

Up to 64 Failover IP addresses (IPv4) per Bare Metal Cloud server

Virtual MAC

Virtual MAC addresses for your VMWare ESXi, Xen or KVM infrastructure

Reverse DNS

A reverse DNS (IPv4) for each of your Failover IP

The benefits of Failover IP

available on your Cloud Bare Metal server

Keep the IP and switch to a new server

Reliable and flexible instances tuned to host your websites, applications and development environments.

Multiple public IPs

It is possible to add several public IPs on the same Cloud Bare Metal server to host virtual machines on a hypervisor. In addition to Failover IP, we provide virtual MAC address management for VMWare ESXi, Xen and KVM.

Scaling by splitting services

Failover IP also lets you concentrate on your infrastructure or on one or two servers, and balance the load during peak periods such as sales.

Exit over several IPs (e.g. mailing routing)

Sending emails is a profession that requires specific tools to ensure proper delivery. DNS reversals and IP failover allow you, for example, to have IP failovers by provider with correctly configured DNS reversals.

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