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  • Building in & on open source

    July 28th

    Great engineering teams depend on, contribute to, and often release open source projects. For some it is a business model, for others a means of making an otherwise proprietary innovation accessible to all.
    How can (or should!) your startup interact with open source?

  • Scaling

    August 4th

    Scalability is the core of engineering’s challenges: global redundancy, high availability, low latency.
    How to balance an ambitious scaling plan with the ever more pressing demands to keep costs under control, reduce your carbon footprint, and create a resilient infrastructure?

  • The new Developer Experience

    August 11th

    The ability to provide an excellent experience to users and customers is limited by the ability of the development team to engineer that experience.
    With remote, asynchronous work or even freelancers, how do you ensure an excellent developer experience for your team?

  • Build vs. Run

    August 18th

    As a tech entrepreneur, you’re constantly pulled between the desire to build the future and the need to ensure that the present runs smoothly. No matter how great a new product or feature is, every customer notices when your product stops running.
    How do you determine what service objectives to set? And how can you implement incident response processes? How can you set service level objectives and implement incident response processes?

  • Managing & Retaining Top Talents

    August 25th

    Hiring top development talent has always been a core challenge for engineering leader. Now top talent is increasingly choosing remote, freelance contracts and asynchronous work cultures. How do you manage and retain top talent in today’s workplace?

  • The Era of Multi-Cloud

    September 1st

    Almost every tool your development team is using today to build, deploy and scale applications is multi-cloud or cloud agnostic by design – except your cloud infrastructure.
    Learn how to leverage multi-cloud strategies to improve your scalability and resilience.

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