Customer Success Story: Diggle

""Scaleway helped us with converting our server structure from single node setup to Kubernetes setup.”

What is Diggle?

Diggle is an interactive learning platform that combines basic poll functionality for easy interactions with more advanced features designed for facilitating discussions, learning, and workshops in groups or for individual use.
One of our challenges would be massive overloads due to heavy write operations to servers when millions of users get engaged and try to give feedback simultaneously.
Our solution was converting to the kubernetes structure, which can respond and set up new nodes on demand.

The Project

We built our structure at first in one big chunk and moved all our servers to scaleway.
We tested in test environments and then made a big transformation. Then we began to use the new services they were offering and implement them the whole time.

We chose Scaleway because of GDPR compliance and very restricted clients at first. Scaleway is one of Europe's most well-established providers and looked like the correct choice.


User interface:

This is a part of the app called builder: Here the users can create content for their Diggle. And preview how the diggle would look like for the participants.

Future plans

We continue to develop our infrastructure as our user base keeps growing. We will, of course, look into more services and take them to use to keep delivering good service to our clients with minimum downtime and high availability