Customer Success Story: HtoH

As our customers are very sensitive regarding data sovereignty, hosting our servers and data with Scaleway, a leading European provider, reassures our customers that they’re in safe hands. Scaleway has also supported us actively with their startup program. So we’re happy to say Scaleway is a trusted partner which helps us to build and grow customer retention.

Who is HtoH?

We work in the business travel industry. The sector already counts quite a lot of different products supporting different phases of administrative processes: booking trips, approval workflow, submitting expenses, employee protection and so on.

To automate these processes, companies often use different products. As a result, travellers (our clients’ employees) must then switch between numerous very different applications to complete these administrative tasks. This causes quite a lot of frustration in general for travellers.

Our solution fills in the gap by providing a single-entry point as a mobile app to help travellers simplify administrative tasks and make business travels more enjoyable and safer. We connect with these existing solutions to provide a seamless experience for them.

Their Project

We were previously with Microsoft Azure, but we found their products unnecessarily complex, and were concerned about data sovereignty. So we decided to move to Scaleway. Scaleway’s products are generally easier to use, and their automation is also very good.

For our customer, reliability is more important than scalability. So as we only have moderate traffic, we focus on having a simple architecture.

We are fully hosted in Scaleway, with these products:

  • Kubernetes Kapsule
  • Managed PostgreSQL
  • Load Balancers
  • Serverless Functions
  • Container Registry
  • Secret Manager
  • Object Storage

Their Results

We are a B2B product which sells to companies, so we have moderate number users, as clients use our product around just once a month. so the traffic is often not high. That’s why we focus more on reliability and simplicity.

Future plans

If we can expand our customer base quickly in the future, we would experiment with more Scaleway products, to reduce time spent on maintenance efforts and allowing us to tackle higher workloads. Top of mind, products like Serverless SQL Database and Messaging could be interesting options for us.