Customer Success Story: Kuzzle

Kuzzle is a French company specializing in the IoT field. They have developed an open-source software for managing the Internet of Things, capable of handling massive amounts of data, essential for the successful deployment of IoT applications.
Their platform supports the deployment of various IoT projects, and it can be either self-hosted or hosted through their PaaS offering.

Their clients come from various different sectors, including the public sector, construction in smart cities, logistics, and transportation. They provide solutions for numerous use cases such as notifications, geolocation, geofencing, asset tracking, and digital twinning.

Kuzzle has chosen to host their technology on Scaleway's public cloud offering. Scaleway provides them with a sovereign solution in France, a crucial aspect for their clients. Some data is highly sensitive and must not be subjected to foreign jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the flexibility and quality of Scaleway's offerings have been a game changer for Kuzzle. Their solution operates within containers, and they sought a managed hosting provider to handle the infrastructure, allowing them to focus on solution development.

The choice of Kubernetes Kapsule was a natural one for Kuzzle. This managed Kubernetes service offers them the flexibility to easily deploy containers, enabling them to concentrate on the continuous development of their solution. Currently, they run three production clusters and can efficiently onboard new clients by deploying new containers within minutes.