Customer Success Story: Mrcall

Over the past seven years, our journey with Scaleway has been pivotal to our growth. Scaleway's infrastructure-as-a-service offerings have been a cornerstone of our development, and we can’t wait to put our hands on their cutting-edge GPU computing capabilities. We're excited about the future and eager to explore new horizons with Scaleway at our side.

Challanges and context

MrCall is at the forefront of AI innovation, offering digital assistants that revolutionize voice-based customer service. Our challenge was clear from the start: ensure zero downtime and achieve scalability with a lean team. Scaleway's infrastructure emerged as the perfect solution, offering us the robustness, scalability, and seamless integration capabilities we needed. It's been instrumental in allowing us to scale our operations rapidly while maintaining a high level of service reliability.


Utilizing Scaleway's Serverless Containers, Linux instances, load balancers, and PostgreSQL, we crafted a resilient and scalable architecture. Our choice was driven not just by Scaleway’s competitive pricing but by their platform's comprehensive service offering. This decision has been vindicated time and again as we leveraged their intuitive interface—one of the things we appreciated most!


Since our launch, we've successfully managed over half a million conversations, with daily peaks reaching 4,000 interactions. Serving over 200,000 callers, MrCall has demonstrated the reliability and scalability of our services, underpinned by Scaleway's robust infrastructure. These achievements underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation in AI-powered customer service.

Future plans

Our next-generation Digital Agents will offer unprecedented capabilities, mirroring first-level customer care with accuracy and efficiency. This evolution relies heavily on advanced GPU-powered infrastructure, for which Scaleway is our preferred partner. Their technology offer will play a crucial role in enabling our Digital Agents to learn autonomously from vast data lakes, paving the way for truly revolutionary advancements in AI-driven customer service.

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We watched the NVidia 2024 keynote and saw the Scaleway logo behind Jensen Huang. We agree with him that the creation of fully functional “Digital Agents” is the way to go.