Customer Success Story: SendGB

Who is SendGB?

SendGB is a file-sharing provider. The company was founded in 2015 and is orientated towards an international user-base, mainly located in Italy, Spain, and the UK.

Currently, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, they plan to open an office in Tallinn, Estonia, in order to be closer to their users, primarily located within the European Union.

Their Project

With SendGB, users can upload large files, up to 5 GB per file, to share them with others by email or by distributing a download link. Their product is designed with the ease-of-use in mind. Users do not need to download any application, and files can be shared directly from a web browser on any desktop or mobile device.

The company built its solution around the Scaleway Object Storage service and Bare Metal servers as frontend. Today, they are serving 10 000 unique visitors per day, with plans to increase this number to 100 000 unique visitors that store up to 5 PB on the platform in July 2020.

Their Solution

SendGB started building its service-based company on Dedibox dedicated servers. As their user base is growing at a fast pace, they decided to migrate their entire solution to Scaleway. Using the Object Storage service as a storage solution allows the company to scale on-demand, infinitely and rapidly.

A Technical Point of View

Object Storage enables them to store an unlimited amount of data without the concern of running out of storage space, and without the worries of bandwidth limitations when using dedicated servers. They use a pool of C2L Bare Metal instances serving the frontend, which is built around PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL.

The uploaded data is stored in Object Storage buckets for performance and reliability reasons.

Thanks to the Multipart-Upload feature of the Object Storage Platform, SendGB customers have the ability to continue uploading large files even when their connection is lost. User requests are distributed between the different frontend servers by using an external load-balancing service (Cloudflare), with plans to migrate towards Scaleway’s Load-Balancer service, which has been introduced recently.

Scaleway Asset

The fact that Scaleway is a 100% European company and RGPD Compliant is a real advantage for SendGB. They want their user data to be treated according to EU data protection standards. Besides, the fact that Scaleway manages the whole supply chain, from owning and operating its own data centers, network, and servers assured SendGB.

Another remarkable point for Uğur Çakır, Co-founder of SendGB, is the quality of the services and the support provided by Scaleway: “All Scaleway team members are always available by support ticket, slack, or email. And they are all very helpful. The Object Storage team helped us a lot in setting up our solution on the Object Storage platform. We are really happy with the delivery times of the services, their reliability, and the ease of use of them.”