Customer Success Story: Stape

The company:

Stape provides managed hosting for Google Tag Manager Server Side, specifically tailored to meet EU requirements. To ensure compliance with all EU laws and regulations, Stape needed a hosting partner with a clear data processing agreement and SLA. Their customer-focused product relies heavily on various cloud services, making it essential to find a partner that can offer a comprehensive suite of solutions.

The solution:

"At our company, we faced a number of challenges in building our infrastructure. However, with Scaleway as our partner, we were able to overcome these obstacles and create an efficient and robust system.

Here's how we did it:
Products Used: We leveraged a variety of Scaleway products, such as their Instances, Kubernetes Kapsule, Object Storage, Managed Databases, Transactional Email. Additionally, we used their beta products, including Cockpit, VPC, and Messaging, to stay ahead of the curve and optimize our operations.

Building Architecture: Combining Scaleway's Instances with Kubernetes Kapsule and LoadBalancers, we were able to create a container orchestration system that seamlessly managed our applications. The VPC network provided an isolated and secure environment for our clusters, while the use of Object Storage ensured high-performance and reliability for our data storage needs.

Choosing Scaleway Over Competitors: We evaluated several providers before choosing Scaleway. Ultimately, Scaleway stood out due to their comprehensive suite of solutions, transparent data processing agreements, and SLAs that ensured compliance with EU laws and regulations. Their competitive pricing, outstanding support, and cutting-edge technology made them the perfect partner for our business.

By partnering with Scaleway, we've been able to build a robust and reliable infrastructure that meets our needs and helps us stay ahead of the competition."


  • 100s of millions requests per day
  • 100s of servers
  • 100s of hundreds of clients

Future plans:

"We're currently utilizing several beta products, such as Cockpit, VPC, and Messaging. Our plan is to migrate all our Kubernetes clusters to the VPC network, and we're eagerly anticipating the integration of Scaleway's CDN into our product offerings."