Data storage for your Dedibox

Storage solutions in local, on network or in the cloud

Scaleway offers solutions for storage, backup and archiving projects. In a few clicks, increase the storage of your Dedibox server with SAN volumes, create your storage infrastructure with servers of our Store range and take advantage of our Object Storage to store and to archive your data without volume limits.

Options available with your Dedibox

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Personal usage
Professional usage

Features and services included with your Dedibox

  • Branded Servers
  • ECC Memory
  • 100GB FTP Backup
  • SSD, NVMe, SATA & SAS disks
  • Premium Network
  • Certified Datacenters
  • 99.9% availability rate
  • 24/7 Assistance

New! Object storage compatible with your Dedibox

Object Storage

With 75GB Free
then €0.01 /GB stored or transfered
Static file storage
Object storage allows you to store objects and identify them uniquely. It is an unstructured storage compared to Block Storage (File System). It is possible to store files such as your backup, images, videos, audio files with maximum performance.
Nearly 8 times more economical than other solutions on the market, our pricing model is simple and highly predictable: the first 75 gigabytes are included without any extra charge or time restriction. Above 75 gigabytes, each gigabyte is billed by the hour and in real time without any fixed price or minimum billing!
In Scaleway Elements Cloud
Object Storage solution is available on Scaleway Elements and provides an interoperable and S3 compatible solution. It provides log management, backup and archiving with Cold Storage. You will get for your data an availability of 99.99% and a durability higher than 99.999999999%!

Complete your projects in the cloud with Scaleway Elements

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Scaleway Elements services compatible with Dedibox?

Object Storage and Cold storage services are compatible with all Dedibox servers. These 2 solutions use S3 standards and allow you to archive your data. Object Storage answers to many use cases and can be an alternative to Dedibackup.

MySQL and PostgreSQL managed database services can be connected with your Dedibox infrastructure.

How is my server connected to SAN storage?

Your Dedibox server is connected to RPN-SAN storage through the private RPN network of your server. The RPN-SAN is a block type storage using iSCSI and offering performance and resilience. It also allows you to connect multiple servers to the same storage volumes.

We recommend taking the Business Service option to benefit from more bandwidth on your private network.

More details about RPN-SAN

What is the Dedibackup storage limit?

There are 2 Dedibackup storage options:

  • 100 GB storage capacity (included with your Dedibox server)
  • 750 GB storage capacity (as an option, at €4.99 excl. VAT / month)

The service is limited to 1000 files for both options. It is recommended to use archives when backing up your data.

More details about Dedibackup

Can I create my own storage solution?

Dedibox servers and particularly Store servers allow to build an independent storage infrastructure on several Datacenters for a resilience and a maximum of performance.

It is possible to add internal disks in your servers to increase storage capacity of your Dedibox.