Data storage for your Dedibox

Storage solutions in local, on network or in the cloud

RPN-SAN Storage

From € .99 ex. VAT/month

Intelligent high-performance storage network (RPN-SAN) for your Dedibox


100GB included then € 4.99 ex. VAT/month

750GB storage space to backup your Dedibox server via FTP

Additional disks

From € 15.00 ex. VAT

Expand your server’s storage by adding internal or USB disks

RPN-SAN Storage

Efficient network storage

RPN-SAN volumes (LUN iSCSI) are directly available on your Dedibox servers. It is possible to use these volumes for example from a hypervisor to host your virtual machines.

SSD or HDD disks

Storage volumes on RPN-SAN are available on spinning hard disc (HDDs) for large storage capacities or on SSDs (Full Flash) for maximum read performance.

High Availability Option

HA (high availability) storage is replicated across multiple datacenters. Basic storage is hosted on DC2 datacenter.

Private Network

Private network uses the 2nd network interface of your Dedibox server and allows you to address all your volumes on RPN-SAN. This private network is therefore isolated and you can customize it by creating groups.

Up to 10Gbps

Bandwidth available on the private network to access RPN-SAN storage can reach up to 10Gbps on new generations of servers by enabling Business Service Option.

Business Service Option

Business Service provides more bandwidth to connect to RPN-SAN storage and a premium level of support with more commitment and availability over the phone.

Availability rate >99.9%

RPN-SAN HA (high availability) storage offers provide an availability rate of 99.99%. The “Basic” versions provide an availability rate of 99.9%.

24/7 Assistance

Excellence service is available 24/7 for all your Scaleway services. It is available by ticket on the console or by phone if you have subscribed to Business service level on your Dedibox server.

Dedibackup - 100 GB of FTP storage included with each server. Expand to 750 GB for €4.99 /month excl. VAT

See Dedibackup documentation

Additional Disk Drive

The solution to customize local storage of your Dedibox server

All internal and external drive models

  • Internal Disk NVMe Datacenter - 960 GB - €249,99 excl. VAT
  • Internal Disk NVMe Datacenter - 1.92 TB - €349,99 excl. VAT
  • Internal Disk SATA3 - 12 TB - €269,99 excl. VAT
  • Internal Disk SSD - 480 GB - €149.99 excl. VAT
  • Internal Disk SSD - 960 GB - €199.99 excl. VAT

Option available only on compatible servers, and within the limits of available stocks. To take advantage of this option, you must have the Business service level. We will charge you a setup fee but there will be no recurring amount afterwards.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is possible to connect several Dedibox servers on the same volume connected in iSCSI.

Yes, it is possible to order your first volume when ordering your Dedibox server. Remember to add Business Service option for more bandwidth on your private network and performance for your remote storage.

Yes, as for Dedibox servers, you can use our API to manage RPN-SAN volumes.

You have 5 volumes per server. Orders are directly done from the console.

Yes, both private networks RPN and RPNv2 are compatible with RPN-SAN storage. It is however recommended to choose servers with RPNv2 for more performance.

You can use softwares such as AceBackup or Duplicati to perform your backups or backup scripts. It will be necessary to activate compression before FTP transfer to avoid reaching the maximum number of files.

It is split into two platforms on the DC2 and DC3 Datacenters. Servers hosted at DC2 are backed up to DC3 and vice versa.

The service is limited to 1000 files per Dedibackup volume. It is recommended to use archives when backing up your data.

Each platform is based on a 1:1 redundant distributed storage cluster composed of 35 active nodes of 2TB, 75TB capacity. The available bandwidth is 10 Gbit/sec on each site, redundancy is ensured by a systematic backup element for an active element.

All in all, it is 150 TB with more than 20 Gbit/sec of available traffic.

Additional internal disks provide additional storage space, performance and resilience to failures. Depending on your server model, you will be able to define either soft or hardware RAID configuration.

None. We only charge you setup fees.

Yes, we offer 2 remote storage offers: RPN-SAN and Dedibackup for backups via FTP. Object Storage is also a highly available, high-performance and S3-compatible solution.