Elastic Metal EM-A610R-NVME

EM-A610R-NVME is a multi-purpose dedicated server that combines high performance and reliability at affordable price. With this offer, enjoy the best of both worlds - full control of bare metal and integration within Scaleway Cloud Ecosystem.

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Smooth apps & services

Combines fast data storage and powerful CPU to handle big data volumes and maintain smooth functioning of applications and services

Affordable price

Provides full control, performance & processing speeds necessary to handle complex and voluminous requests at affordable price for 79,99€/month or 0,222€/hour

Easy management

Unlocks faster storage and provides the best user experience in terms of bare metal servers management. Enjoy complete freedom over its configuration, management and security

*1Gbps shared between public and private network
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Popular use cases


A610R provides you with all components of successful e-commerce platform - 1Gbps (unmetered) bandwidth, stronger CPU and enhanced file storage, so you can build a scalable business.

Why choose Scaleway?

Cloud ecosystem compatibility

At Scaleway, Elastic Metal is a full-fledged member of our ecosystem which includes Instances, Object Storage, Load Balancers, Managed Database, Managed Kubernetes, etc.

API, CLI & Terraform

Check out our tools on our developer portal such as the Scaleway CLI, or Python SDK . We support cloud-init and Terraform to facilitate your infrastructure creation and automation.

Private Network

Connect Elastic Metal, Instances, Databases & Load Balancers in the same L2 private network so you can build (and scale) a secure and diverse infrastructure.

Flexible IPs

Create, attach and detach your flexible IPs to your Elastic Metal servers to adapt your architecture to your needs.