PRO2 Instances

The latest generation of General Purpose Instances, designed for high-performance workloads in production environments.

Production grade

Leverage the state-of-the-art AMD 3rd Gen EPYC™ 7003 series processors for high-performance and production-grade computing. You can trust it and your customers can trust you.

Deploy & scale easily

Deploy in seconds using the tools you are used to: Terraform? You bet. Command Line? We've got you covered. Pilot your cloud resources easily with Scaleway Console or API.

Resilient architecture

Build your secure and reliable architecture with security groups, point-in-time recovery, snapshots, Private Networks & Public Gateway.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 1PAR 2PAR 3
Amsterdam:AMS 1AMS 2
Warsaw:WAW 1WAW 2

Hardware specifications

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  • Processor2 to 32 vCPUs

  • Processor typeAMD EPYC™ 7003 series

  • Memory8 to 128GB RAM

  • Memory typeDDR4 ECC

  • StorageBlock Storage on demand

  • Storage typeFull SSD

  • Bandwidth350 Mbps to 6 Gbps

  • Service level99.99% SLA

Use cases

High traffic applications

Our virtual machines have been designed to host your critical production environments as high traffic applications with a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 %. You can deploy servers in seconds using directly the console or the Command-Line Interface (CLI). You can also create fleets of cloud Instances with Terraform and distribute your traffic with across Load Balancers.

Leading Price - Performance ratio

The benchmark is based on a cost estimate of 730 hours per month in May 2022.

Top hardware

Scaleway PRO2 offers the best performance per euro compared to AWS, GCP, Azure and Digital Ocean, saving you up to 40% of the cost of the infrastructure.

Free transfer

Inbound and outbound transfer of virtual machines included in the price of the Instance, helping you scale while reducing your unexpected expenses.

Simple billing

No hidden fees, you'll never have to worry about complicated invoices, and you can predict the cost of your infrastructure at a glance.

8 GB
Block Storage
350 Mbps
From €0.055/hour
16 GB
Block Storage
700 Mbps
From €0.11/hour
32 GB
Block Storage
1.5 Gbps
From €0.219/hour
64 GB
Block Storage
3 Gbps
From €0.438/hour
128 GB
Block Storage
6 Gbps
From €0.877/hour

Scaleway benefits

24/7 Live chat support

Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 customer support. We ensure your infrastructure is always up and running.

Enriched experience

We offer a new experience with API access, Linux distributions, an intuitive console, and Terraform.

Easy-to-use console

Our user interface was created with developers in mind, to give you the best and most fun experience managing your cloud products

True cloud ecosystem

Our cloud products are designed & built to work together, offering you a seamless, world-class cloud experience.

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Starting from €0.055/hour

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Discover GP1 Instances

The first generation of General Purpose Instance provides you a low-cost option for any architecture. Suitable for reliable workloads and production environments.

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Frequently asked questions

Scaleway's latest generation of PRO2 Instances provides a secure, scalable, and rock-solid foundation for your production computing.

PRO2 Instances are the second generation of General Purpose Instances, after GP1. They provide 30% higher performance than GP1 instance (According to GeekBench tests) enriched Instance options, 99.99% SLA, and the best price/performance ratio on the market.

Scaleway's PRO2 Instances rely on the AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series processor.

PRO2 Instances are available in all regions: Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Warsaw (Poland). Scaleway's data centers are all protected by biometric access control systems and by our own 24/7 on-site technical and security staff.

Yes. Please refer to the tutorial.
where we document the process to how to migrate from a DEV1/GP1 Instance with local storage to a PLAY2/PRO2 Instance with Block Storage using the Scaleway APIs and the Scaleway CLI.

We provide a wide range of different Linux distributions and InstantApps for Instances. PRO2 Instances will work with a selection of the latest, most-acclaimed images, including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora.

Scaleway’s ImageHub is a catalog of system images that allow you to deploy, manage and scale your favorite applications in seconds, using image templates.

You can connect to your PRO2 Instances through an SSH communication protocol. For additional security, you can restrict the access to your local IP only by using security groups.

General Purpose Instances support hot snapshots. This means you can perform a snapshot while your Instance is running. Hot snapshots allow you to create a point-in-time backup without downtime. Please note that hot snapshots can potentially lead to inconsistent data or data loss. Before taking a hot snapshot, you should always sync the data on your disk and stop I/O-intensive processes. Whenever possible, you should take a cold (Instance powered off) snapshot.