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Object Storage

Status: free public beta

Store your files and access them anywhere with Object Storage. The platform allows you to store a single byte to petabytes of data from €5/month for the first 500 GB of storage and the first 500 GB of outgoing transfer. Learn more.

  • S3 standard compliant
  • Infinite & scalable storage
  • Transparent & cost effective
  • Redundancy & protection
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Kubernetes Engine

Status: early access registering

Kubernetes Engine provides you a simple way to deploy and manage your containerized applications in the cloud.
Relax and focus on your software stack while we take care of your clusters.

  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Dedicated clusters
  • Limitless scaling
  • Interesting pricing
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New Console

Status: public beta incoming

The new Scaleway console provides a totally revamped interface to handle your infrastructure with ease.
At first, you will only be able to manage your Compute instances but many other features are on their way.

  • Improved user experience
  • Full feature integration
  • Enhanced documentation
  • No migration needed
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Compute GPU

Status: early access registering

Compute GPU servers are designed for artificial intelligence, machine learning and complex modeling. They are equipped with high-end GPUs and a huge quantity of cores, memory and storage.

  • Dedicated GPUs
  • High-performance servers
  • Pay-per-use billing
  • Instant scalability
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