Bare Metal Ultimate PerformanceNew

  • Processor
    AMD EPYC™ / Intel® Xeon® Platinum
  • Cores / Threads
    From 128 to 224 coeurs / 256 to 448 threads
  • Frequency
    From 2.25 GHz à 2.7 GHz
  • Socket
    Dual / Octo sockets
  • Memory
    From 2,048GB to 7,680GB
  • Public Bandwidth
    10Gbps or 25Gbps
  • Storage
    From 7.68TB to 19.2TB
  • Stockage Type
    SDD NVMe
Extreme production
Intensive treatment
Big Data
Regions available
  • France
  • Hardware 100% dedicated
  • Physical isolation
  • Ultimate Performance
From€7.199ex. VAT/hour

Services included

  • Ultimate 100% dedicated server
  • Outstanding performance
  • Bandwidth 10Gbps
  • Bandwidth 25Gbps - Option
  • Hourly billing
  • Failover IP in option
  • DDoS protection
  • 24/7 enterprise assistance

Bare Metal Ultimate Performance, the 100% dedicated range for extreme environments!

The most powerful servers

The Ultimate Performance range offers all of Scaleway’s most powerful Bare Metal servers for maximum 100% dedicated performance. The UP-BM2-XL reference is the most powerful server on the market.

Manufacturer quality hardware

The hardware, carefully selected by our experts, has been designed and tested under the most extreme conditions by hardware engineers from the world’s leading manufacturers and by Scaleway teams in climatic rooms.

Hosted in France in our data centers

Hosted in France in our auditable, high-performance DC5 data center, your stored data will be physically isolated and remain on French sovereign territory.

Details that don’t go unnoticed

Ultimate 100% dedicated server

The Bare Metal Ultimate Performance server pushes the boundaries of fully dedicated servers. Take advantage of all the resources of Bare Metal servers without any virtualization or over-allocation.

Outstanding performance

The performance of Bare Metal servers are extreme, very reliable and stable. This machine alone combines all the best technologies on the market for ultimate performance.

Bandwidth 10Gbps

Unlimited 10Gbps Internet connectivity based on our Scaleway network interconnected with more than 25 telecom operators, almost all of which are Tier One operators.

Bandwidth 25Gbps - Option

Unlimited 25 Gbps Internet connectivity is available as an option on all servers of the Ultimate Performance range for the most intensive internet use or to connect your private infrastructures.

More details
Hourly billing

Billing is per use, based on your usage time. This flexibility makes your wildest dreams come true! You only pay for the hours you use your Bare Metal Ultimate Performance.

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Optional IP Failover

Bare Metal server comes with an IPv4 address. IP Failover allows to add up to 64 IPv4 per Bare Metal cloud server and move them between servers. Virtual MAC address and Reverse DNS services are included.

More details about Failover IP
DDoS protection

The market’s leading solution, Arbor, protects the Bare Metal Ultimate Performance XL servers. It manages the automatic detection of DDoS attacks and deletion of malicious traffic. It blocks the majority of attacks.

24/7 enterprise assistance

We ensure that your services are always operational. Our technical support answers your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Discover our support plans.

Bare Metal Ultimate Performance Catalog

The Bare Metal servers are available in 2 versions to best meet your network bandwidth needs.



2x AMD EPYC™ 7742 - Zen 2

128 cores / 256 threads / 2.25GHz


4x 1.92TB SSD NVMe

€7.199 /hour


8x Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8280

224 cores / 448 threads / 2.7GHz

1.5TB TruDDR4

+ 6TB Intel® Optane

2x 800GB SSD

+ 6x 3.2TB SSD NVMe

€29.999 /hour

Prices before tax

Use cases tested with the Bare Metal Ultimate Performance

ERP platform

For resource-intensive ERP environments, the Ultimate Performance range provides the solution for all software on the market such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle or Sage.

Intensive databases

Featuring unparalleled resources, the Bare Metal Ultimate Performance servers open the door to extreme In-Memory or transactional databases.

High Performance Computing

Data processing requires extreme performance in terms of not only memory and calculation, but also ultra-fast storage. The Bare Metal Ultimate Performance servers combine all these specifications with 25Gbps connectivity.

Ask our experts to analyse your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ultimate Performance range?

The Ultimate Performance range is the most powerful of all products powered by Scaleway. The Bare Metal Ultimate Performance XL server was the first model in this new range.
All ranges:
  • DEV: Development use
  • GP: General Purpose
  • HC: High CPU
  • HM: High Memory
  • UP: Ultimate Performance

What is the difference between dedicated servers and Bare Metal servers?

The term “dedicated server” relates to the monthly rental of a server. Dedibox dedicated servers correspond to this type of rental.

The new generation of dedicated servers set up in a cloud ecosystem and billed by the hour are called Bare Metal. The big differences come from the specific consumption mode relating to the cloud itself, and the associated services related to a cloud ecosystem. 

How do I order a Bare Metal Ultimate Performance server?

We advise you to contact our sales team on +1 (646) 712-9471 before ordering this new Bare Metal Ultimate Performance model. They are available to assist you between 10am and 6pm CET from Monday to Friday.
You can also request access to this range of servers (add quota) from the Scaleway console after creating an account at any time.
The server will be delivered directly to your account in a few minutes. You can then launch the installation of the server in a few clicks. Your Bare Metal Cloud server will be ready to use under 30 minutes (Hardware boot time is charged). 

What operating systems are available?

Several operating systems are available for automatic installation from our console. For the moment, we mainly offer Linux distributions.

You can also install your own operating system on your Bare Metal server using integrated KVM-over-IP.

Is the Bare Metal Ultimate Performance server connected to the private network?

The server is pre-configured. It will benefit from our private network as soon as it is available for Bare Metal servers.
Private networks are available on all ranges of Instances products, and will be more widely available throughout our catalog in the coming months.

Other questions about Bare Metal cloud servers

All questions and answers related to Scaleway Elements servers, and more specifically to Bare Metal, are available in the FAQ section:

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