Cost-Optimized instances based on ARM

Propel AI innovation with Scaleway's ARM Instances, powered by Ampere Altra: data center-grade efficiency meets cost-effectiveness and optimized performance.


Embrace the transformative potential of AI with our COP-ARM instances. Optimized for both AI training and inference, they leverage the strengths of Ampere Altra. Whether it's real-time inference in computer vision, natural language processing, or utilizing recommender engines, our ARM instances are primed to deliver, ensuring rapid predictions with utmost efficiency.


Step into the future with computing that cares for the planet. Our COP-ARM instances are not just powerful but are designed with energy efficiency at their core. Experience up to 2.8x less power use than traditional x86 processors, reduce your carbon footprint, and champion a sustainable approach to cloud computing.


Unleash the power of ARM without breaking the bank. Our COP-ARM instances offer an unmatched blend of cost savings and efficient computing. They're perfect for businesses of all sizes looking to get the best value without compromising on performance and capabilities.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 2

Hardware specifications

  • ProcessorFrom 2 to 32 vCPUs

  • Processor typeAmpere M128-30

  • MemoryFrom 8 to 128GB RAM

  • Storage typeBlock Storage

  • BandwidthFrom 200 Mbps to 3200 Mbps

  • Ratio vCPU:RAM1:4

  • Use cases

    AI Inference in real-time applications

    Harness the power of real-time AI with COP-ARM instances. Whether you're deploying chatbots, real-time analytics, or video content analysis, these instances offer rapid inference capabilities. Tailored to handle the demands of AI-driven applications, COP-ARM ensures efficient predictions without breaking the bank, making it the go-to choice for businesses embracing AI.

    Sustainable High-performance computing

    Dive into complex computational tasks while championing eco-efficiency. COP-ARM instances, with their energy-optimized design, are perfect for research simulations, financial modeling, and large-scale data analysis. Reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing the computational prowess your HPC workloads demand.

    Cloud-native database management

    Empower your database operations with COP-ARM. Optimized for both relational and NoSQL databases, these instances offer a delicate balance between compute and memory. Whether it's handling massive data ingestion, executing high-speed transactions, or ensuring low-latency reads, COP-ARM ensures your databases run smoothly and efficiently.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Our COP-ARM instances will soon be available in Paris, France. We are planning further expansions (in Amsterdam and Warsaw), so stay tuned for updates on new location rollouts!

    COP-ARM instances are our latest range of instances powered by ARM-based Ampere Altra processors, offering a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to traditional x86 architectures. They provide the same performance as traditional x86 architectures but at a more energy and cost-efficient rate.

    Scaleway’s ImageHub is a catalog of system images that allow you to deploy, manage and scale your favorite applications in seconds, using image templates.
    We provide a wide range of different Linux distributions and InstantApps for Instances. COP-ARM Instances will work with a selection of the latest, most-acclaimed images, including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora. Check the full list here

    COP-ARM instances provide several advantages, including:

    Cost-Efficiency: Enjoy competitive pricing compared to traditional instances, making it suitable for budget-conscious operations.
    Energy Efficiency: Benefit from the ARM architecture's low power consumption, contributing to lower operating costs and a reduced environmental footprint.
    Balanced Performance: With a 1:4 vCPU to RAM ratio, these instances are ideal for applications that require a balance between processing power and memory.

    While COP-ARM instances offer a balance between compute and memory, they are not specifically designed for high-performance computing (HPC) tasks. However, they can efficiently handle various workloads, including medium-level data processing, web servers, and development environments. For more compute-intensive tasks, consider our Workload-Optimized Instances. Evaluate your application's resource requirements to select the best instance type.

    Yes, you can migrate, but it requires some preparation. Given the architectural differences between x86 and ARM, you'll need to ensure your applications and workloads are compatible with ARM processors.