Customer Success Story: AgentsInc is a platform staffed by independent AI experts, using the power of artificial intelligence to investigate on three key areas:

  • Monitoring policies and trends in more than 100 countries at the same time
  • Monitoring market trends of companies and specific suppliers from all over the world
  • Monitoring news, updates, and weather for specific companies and organizations in local languages

The company was launched in 2021, but the concept goes a long way back. Indeed, it was created in 2014, for a research project at the Fraunhofer Academy (Berlin). In 2016, the team decided to become independent to continue improving the algorithm.

Scaleway’s Startup Programs support the launch of faces an irregular workload. Therefore, their infrastructure needs to be able to keep up with peaks of demand, so that performance increases proportionally, which requires the team to build a scalable infrastructure from the beginning.

During the research project phase, the startup was running the project on AWS products. However, for the official launch of the startup in 2021, wished to use European infrastructure. After running benchmarks on different European cloud providers, they selected Scaleway, for the following reasons:

  • Scaleway offered a portfolio of public cloud products
  • The cloud provider had a strong energy efficiency policy for its data centers
  • and finally, the price/performance ratio of its offers was the best on the market

At the same time, the promising startup was contacted by Scaleway’s Startup Program. This program supports startups with the help of dedicated experts who guide them to build the right architecture, with financial resources, visibility on Scaleway’s ecosystem, and accessibility to an active community gathering developers and startups. applied to other startup programs set up by various cloud providers. But the personalized guidance provided by Scaleway’s experts and the developer experience offered by Scaleway, it was an easy decision to make. They joined Scaleway’s Startup program and eventually moved their entire infrastructure from AWS to Scaleway.

Improve the scalable infrastructure to become a marketplace

In a few months, will raise funds in order to become a marketplace where agents can look for contracts. For the startup, the next major step will be to achieve these two major objectives: hiring high potential experts and earning different certifications. But, this means many questions about the infrastructure and its capacity to scale will need answering. Scaleway is proud to continue to support the startup with these challenges.

In their user interface, clients can start an agent in only three clicks.

Indeed, the infrastructure of the startup is based on SDK to build agents. This agent starts from 20-30 lines of code, which is then used to tune an AI model. Once ready, the agent is containerised and integrated to the Scaleway Instances. Then, each of the independent agents can control their container depending on the number of tasks that they have to run.

Scalability is a major part of this challenge to deliver high quality services to their customers and agents.

Build and promote a sustainable infrastructure

Another challenge for Agents.Inc is to promote sustainability in Europe. As a new startup, the team is aware of technology’s ecological impact and wants to promote this through their choice of cloud provider. They are proud to host their data in the datacenter with the lowest PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) on the market, Scaleway’s DC5.

They want to go further by better monitoring their own PUE and by making it a differentiating criterion on the market.

Scaleway as partner of’s upcoming fundraiser

Because they share the same values of innovation, sustainability, and scalability, and Scaleway have formed a strong relationship. Scaleway’s Startup programs have acted as an accelerator for the development of an infrastructure that meets the ambitions of

The startup wants to experiment further and try out Serverless products to improve their scalability. They are already thinking about the next step: the fundraiser and the hyper-growth of the startup.