Customer Success Story: Empreinte

Keeping pace with multi-cloud acceleration

Founded in 1994, Empreinte is specialized in video streaming. The company offers made-to-measure tools which meet the technological needs of the audiovisual industry.

Between 2020 and 2030, the digital industry will have to find answers to the major challenges of accelerated and increasingly complex requirements.

As a digital pioneer, Empreinte has been adopting cloud technologies since 2016 (containerization, scalable and agile technologies), and has been developing its multi-cloud architecture in order to ensure the security and resilience of its video streaming services.

Building a multi-cloud strategy with a trusted partner has tested many cloud providers over the last 20 years, but the price/product ratio was often misleading. This is why the company decided to do without these services, and came to these two strategic conclusions:

  • They needed to manage application services internally in order to reduce complexity
  • They needed a close, trusted and transparent partner
    Empreinte chose Scaleway as their main cloud provider for its performance, proximity and market understanding (both specialized and generalist).

In reflection of their shared values, Empreinte and Scaleway have the same “iterative and progressive” approach in order to build efficient architecture “step by step, without investing millions, as the right price, and objective, are key at each step”.

Empreinte has been continuing to develop their multi-cloud strategy with Scaleway for five years now, thanks to the CSP’s technological expertise. Scaleway, therefore, grew at the same pace as Empreinte, taking note of the video streaming company’s needs, and those of the market as a whole.

When it comes to sovereignty, Empreinte is adamant that it is highly important to be associated with a European cloud operator. In short, “sovereignty reinforces European autonomy and know-how.”

A resilient system for interactive live streams

Today, Empreinte is proud to announce that it won the call for tenders, against US competitors, for the interactive live streams of the French Ministry of Solidarites and Health.

The challenge was to create an interactive live video platform with one or more speakers, with an increasing number of participants taking part simultaneously, a chat system, moderators and an archiving function.

“What seems like a simple request actually requires a lot of work”. The system needed to be stable and use standard components (encoders, terminals), all the while providing a solid guarantee – 100% guaranteed streaming. This was made possible thanks to a resilient strategy.

The solution had to be able to withstand increased usage, unexpected events, and offer optimal user experience.

One success leads to another

After interactive live streams, Empreinte is focusing on webinars by working on a real-time video-conferencing solution (ultra low-latency) that will allow hundreds of online participants to join as well as dozens of speakers (with video).

Empreinte is now preparing to take on new challenges too:

  • Supporting dozens, then hundreds, of simultaneous live streams
  • Streaming to up to 1000-2000 people in real-time (ultra low-latency)
  • Offering a personalized service to its clients (API, multi-cloud instances)

Thanks to its close and trusted relationship with Scaleway, is confident that it will succeed in meeting these next challenges, and that it will be able to take on more ambitious European technological projects in the future.