Customer Success Story: Familink

Familink develops and offers smart photo frames, connected via Wifi/4G, targeting non tech-savvy older users. As of early 2022, Familink manages 40,000 photo frames and 200,000 users all over the world, and 10 million pictures and messages have been sent since the launch. All these photos transit through the cloud.

Choosing sovereignty with Scaleway

Familink had been hosting its data with AWS since 2015. But depending on an American cloud provider turned out to be an issue for some French users, and even more so for German customers. Especially since Familink handles personal photos. So, just like with frame manufacturing, the company decided to repatriate its clients’ data storage back to France.

An easy migration, thanks to product standardization

With the coming of Docker, for application containerization, many cloud providers offer standardized solutions. Scaleway offers a Container Registry to host application images. All there is to do is to launch Instances to run an image. Then, Scaleway’s Load Balancer distributes the workload across Instances.

This is how Familink was able to recreate an identical infrastructure using Scaleway’s solutions.

After a phase of careful preparation, data transfer went seamlessly, although it took around two weeks, due to the significant amount of files (40 millions).

Learn more about how the migration was handled in this blog article: “Comment Familink a migré d’AWS vers Scaleway et divisé sa facture par deux”.

Cutting expenses by 50%

Even though its primary objective was not just cutting costs, Familink’s migration from AWS to Scaleway had the additional benefit of cutting its monthly bill in half, for the same server performance.

Familink is now already thinking about its next two challenges:

  • Live video
  • The continuous increase in its number of clients, and therefore data. With its current scalable infrastructure – as well as a higher number of simultaneous worker nodes and database server resources – traffic peaks will be easier to handle.