Customer Success Story: NextSourcia

Who is NextSourcia?

Known for its sophisticated technical approach, NextSourcia is an information system consulting and engineering company founded in 2007 and based in Sophia-Antipolis (France).

It is specialized in the design and implementation of highly qualitative and efficient web solutions and dedicated to optimizing its clients’ information systems.

Today, the company has 18 employees who work daily for 60 customers, including several major sites in the sports world such as the French Football Association (FFF) Shop.

Their Project

NextSourcia hosts multiple websites that often face extremely fluctuating traffic.
Some of them can range from 100,000 to several million visitors per day during special events such as the Football World Cup.

The company, therefore, needs a robust and scalable environment, capable of managing these flows whilst ensuring a smooth user performance and maximum return on investment.

Their infrastructure is oversized by default, however, when they are confronted with significant load peaks (e.g. game night or other foreseeable events), they manually add CPU and/or RAM from their VMware interface. They occasionally also add complete servers when necessary.

Their Solution

NextSourcia has decided to use dedicated Dedibox servers to build a cluster of 8 physical machines on which the company runs a total of 60 servers (virtual machines).
The servers run on CentOS with a RedHat kernel: this choice was mainly motivated by their needs in terms of stability and performance.

For the storage of assets such as images, NextSourcia uses a shared file system based on GlusterFS.
For the database, they chose PerconaDB because it offers increased efficiency and simultaneity for demanding workloads.
It also provides significant availability, optimization, and scalability for the implementation of their projects.

For content delivery, the front-end goes through a load balancing solution based on Nginx and Apache for the rendering.

Scaleway Asset

The performance, reliability, and quality of the dedicated servers from Scaleway, allows NextSourcia to achieve the uptime and availability required for their services. Also, the fully automated delivery of Dedibox services allows them to grow and to provide resources when they require them. Thomas VILLENA, Technical Director of NextSourcia explains: “The API allows us to automatize everything, from ordering new machines to configure them”.

In addition, Scaleway’s Cloud Services allows the company to accelerate their time-to-market in the development of applications and automates their deployment through images.

The company relies on Scaleway’s Dedibox dedicated servers, as well as the Scaleway Public Cloud, since 2010.