Customer Success Story: Scorpio io

“Every time we pitch our product, people ask us where the data is stored. And every time, we’re happy and proud to be able to answer “France”! We wouldn’t be able to answer this if Scaleway didn’t provide a full range of solutions to meet all of our technical needs the way they do today."Maxime Blaszyk, Business Developer

Challenges and context

Behind every piece of industrial equipment is an automation system. Above it, there is usually a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) application which serves as the interface between the operators and equipment. Without it, people would be blind to everything that is happening in the field, rendering operating any modern facility completely inoperable. Supervision systems can be found in factories, buildings, IoT, and around any equipment that consumes energy.

SCorp-io tackles the automation and SCADA markets, which are linked and growing fast, thanks to the rise of Industry 4.0 and the proliferation of connected objects.

The industrial sector faces several problems:

  • An ageing sector: historical SCADA systems are clients located on-premise, with ageing GUIs that are WEB/HTML incompatible and not responsive at all.
  • Local supervision only: current solutions do not allow for remote supervision or centralisation of data from geographically dispersed sites.
  • Significant initial costs: in addition to purchasing licences, manufacturers must acquire and maintain the infrastructure hosting the SCADA system.
  • Difficulty of implementation: SCADA implementation takes time, and the end customer often does not have the in-house expertise to do so.

Cloud Solution for SCorp-io

SCorp-io is the first SaaS industrial supervision platform on the market, enabling you to operate your industrial infrastructure anywhere, anytime, on any device. It can be set up as the sole SCADA system on a site, but also on top of an existing one. The latter option can be a good way to avoid the risk of modifying an existing system while providing a light and easy way to offer additional useful features: tracking machine performance and energy consumption, additional dashboards for people other than plant operators etc.

What products are used:

  • Kubernetes Kapsule, associated with a managed Database (Postgres) to handle our application
  • Website hosted in Object Storage
  • Managed Redis for specific functionalities
  • Cockpit for observability

    The founders of SCorp-io have 40 years' combined experience in SCADA and 10 on Cloud technologies. We have combined these two experiences in order to create this unique platform

We and our customers are keen to have a 100% French solution with a focus on sustainability. On the technical side, Kubernetes being at the core of our solution’s architecture, we were happy to find a provider which made it their focus.


On kubernetes, we use 390 pods (VM) over 32 machines to handle more than 7800 customer requests per second.

Future plans with Scaleway

We're eagerly awaiting Scaleway's PASS-type AI solutions, as we have a special feature focused on predictive maintenance. We've accumulated a lot of data from our customers' sensors in the field, and we'd like to be able to prevent equipment failure before it happens.