Customer Success Story: Streamlined

About company

Streamlined has many customers in different industries, all demanding a different setup of their environment. Before we moved to Scaleway our customers were deployed on self managed VPS instances with multiple providers in Europe. That became an unwanted setup as the company started to grow. So we started to look at different Cloud providers that covered our requirements. Scaleway was the only provider offering services at a monthly price that was easy to predict.


We started our setup with a simple Kubernetes cluster but soon we decided we should use more and more services from Scaleway. At this moment we use multiple load balancers in the AMS region for high availability. Behind the load balancers we use the Kubernetes cluster. A VPC connects the Kubernetes cluster with the managed HA MySQL and PostgreSQL instances. We also run a self managed Ceph storage cluster in HA mode on multiple nodes and use Object Storage as our backup solution. We are not a high resource/instance user, but our current setup is easy scalable and easy to maintain.


Scaleway helped us to maintain a high uptime of our client services, all running at 99.9% uptime or higher.
After migration one of our customers, the biggest solar related news website of the Netherlands, did see an increase of user traffic to its website up to 200.000 visits in 24 hours.

Looking at the near future we will look into other services like managed Redis and Messaging services offered by Scaleway